Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long day

Yesterday I had a calorie deficit of almost 700 calories.  If you read my blog yesterday, you might remember that I didn't go for my scheduled run.  The reason my calorie deficit was so high was because a.) I ate healthy and b.) I took two 15 minute walk breaks yesterday during the day.  So for anyone that doesn't have time to work out, just remember every bit helps!  This is the reason why if I have even 15 minutes to spare before my Zumba or Body Pump classes I usually jump on the treadmill for a short run.
Today I went to work early, my dad gave me a ride and it worked best for both of us to get me to work by 6:30.  This worked well for me because I wanted extra workout time after work since I skipped last night.  I took one of my walk breaks today, but at the scheduled time for my second one, I was occupied with unforeseen circumstances.  I spent a good portion of my morning dicking around with a special ergonomic keyboard a lady at work had spilled soda on.  While I was fairly certain it was fried, I had to give forth plenty of effort before declaring it deceased.  I have to admit I may have enjoyed dissecting the keyboard more than a little bit. 

I did really well with my eating during the day, Kashi GoLean for breakfast, a couple of fruits throughout the day, a pastrami sandwich on my reduced calorie wheat with fat free cheese, steamed veggies and half a cucumber for lunch.  I didn't have time for a good afternoon pre-workout snack like I usually do, so I wolfed down a 99% fat free peach yogurt before leaving.  I then walked over to my gym, locked up my possessions and took off for what ended up being a 38 minute run.  I really enjoyed my run, the scenery was entertaining and somehow I ended up on a part of town where I could see the capitol from!  Once I got back to the gym, I ran into my favorite and very first Zumba instructor.  She just had a baby and looked fabulous, of course, and was coming to attend her first Zumba class.  I was so excited and surprised to see her, I can't wait until she comes back to teach!  She exclaimed over how I look smaller every time she sees me and said I looked great.  For some reason, hearing that from a fitness instructor (and one of my all-time favorites at that) really meant something to me.  I truly appreciate all the kind words and compliments my friends, family, and acquaintances give me, but hearing that from her really made me shine!  I quickly got ready and joined the Zumba class for what was to be a very fun hour, then changed my shoes and shirt (it was drenched from my run and Zumba combined) and suffered through an hour of Body Pump.  I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Body Pump.  I hate to love it... or is it that I love to hate it?  Hmmm... something to ponder.  Then I walked back to my office where my dad picked me up and took me home.  I was quite pleased that I had eaten so well today and gotten such a hefty workout in when my sister presented a tupperware with carrot cake in it to me once I got into the car. 

So I got home, ate some of the casserole that I prepared last night for which I left instructions for Mark to bake tonight and then ate some carrot cake!  At the end of the night I should have approximately a 1300 calorie deficit.  :D  Of course as soon as I had finished eating, the mild tummy ache that I had been harboring earlier in the day reappeared and now I'm sitting here with a sore belly.  I helped the kiddo study for his Elements test tomorrow and chomped down a couple of tums and also just experienced some leg cramps.  Wtf!?  I drank a ton of water today, took my vitamin and ate half a banana, so I should be fine.  Whatever, I stretched them out and am getting more tired and grumpier by the second (tummy ache + sleepy Lealah = grumpy panda), so I think I shall sign off!  Tomorrow:  long run and dad day!  Yay!!!  Love being off on Fridays! 

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