Saturday, November 5, 2011

New wind!

My weekly weigh-in has set me on fire again!  I've been struggling with dedication and fighting to get back my mojo, and I think my newest weigh-in has helped me to refocus!  You would think that after a year and 9 months that this would be second nature to me, which most of the time it is, but it's still a struggle at times.  Looking at nutrition content, exercising when I feel my body screaming for it, and recognizing when I'm thirsty instead of hungry is almost always natural to me now, whereas giving actually giving a crap about how many calories a piece of carrot cake has doesn't always!    Anyway, let me back up a bit.

Yesterday was my long run day.  When I go for long runs it's as if I'm going on a mini journey, there are stages and events that pinpoint different times throughout the run.  I was freezing until about 9:55.  I finished my run at 10:10.  Now my core stayed warm, which is good, but I couldn't feel my arms, which is not good.  However, I still enjoyed my run for the most part.  The first couple of miles I really felt like I was barely moving, it's like the cold had me frozen in place.  I was reminded that I have got to get some winter running gear, and soon!  The route I took was FULL of hills, really there aren't very many areas in my town that aren't full of hills and while I usually think about how much I hate hills while running up them, I love the workout and I absolutely love running down hills.  I really thought that I would be lucky to even make 11 minute miles I felt so slowwwwwww!  Finally, around mile 6 or so, I got to the park.  There were tons of people there setting up Christmas in the Park, I almost felt like it was the holiday season or something ;p.  One thing I absolutely love about my city, is that people are so friendly, especially fellow runners.  You can smile and wave and always expect a response.  On Thursday when I went for my short run before class I smiled and waved at a young woman running towards me and she gave me the evil bitch glare!  I couldn't believe it, I just passed it off as a consequence to running in OKC. Although we can give the lady the benefit of the doubt and say she was having a tough run.  Anyway yesterday I smiled and managed a "Good Morning" to a few people in the park and the pleasantness revived me, I killed the last couple of miles home.  I was still apprehensive as to my time, but after calculations I ended up at a 10.5 minute/mile pace.  Which I'll take considering the combination of the uphill running and the cold!    After that I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my dad and sister and attempted to find a dress to wear on my birthday.  No such luck.  My eating yesterday wasn't the best, even after my long run I ended up with a mere 750 calorie deficit, but I will say that everything I ate was healthy!  Homemade steak and egg white breakfast burritos, hummus and other tapas, fruit, chicken and stuffing and shredded wheat.  All good calories and good fats, so it suffices.  Ah, I almost forgot about my favorite part of this blog post!  My weigh in!  So my weight has been bouncing around from 130-132 for the past few weeks now and it's been a bit frustrating.  But yesterday morning I got on the scale and it read..... <insert dramatic pause here>....129.  That's right, I've hit the 120's finally!!!!  w00t w00t!  9 more pounds to secondary goal!  *does a little dance*  I jumped off the scale and got back on about 3 more times and moved the scale in between times just to make sure.  It read each and every time 129.0!!!  I've hit a new era folks! 

Today has been about the same as yesterday more or less.  I got up and went for a run, today just an average run, 6 miles.  But this run was torturous for the first 45 minutes.  The wind was atrocious!  It was blowing North and was so strong that I was sure I wasn't moving at all!  I was pretty much miserable the whole time.  I got about 2 miles in when I was hit with terrible stomach cramps.  I had to stop at a McDonald's to use the restroom, I was really terrified that I was going to be sick in one of two ways.  After my stop, I continued on.  The run wasn't too bad up until the cramps began, but once that subsided and I continued on my way, I changed what direction I was running in and was suddenly running against the wind.  That is where the trouble really began.  I ran as hard as I could and was still barely moving, I turned off the main street into a neighborhood hoping that there would be more shelter from the wind, but to no avail.  After struggling for what seemed like hours, I finally did what is biggest no-no when you're running.  I walked.  Ask any runner, you are not supposed to stop running unless absolutely necessary, because it's like something in your head clicks when you start walking in the middle of a run.  You automatically feel like it's okay to walk and then you start looking forward to the "next" walking portion.  >.<  It was terrible, although throughout the entire duration of my run I know I didn't walk more than about 3-5 minutes.  The longest period was through that neighborhood that was damn near like a wind tunnel and that was about 2 minutes.  The rest of my run I felt like the wind was pushing me backwards or I just felt like I was walking even though I really thought I was running so I'd start to walk, but then I would mentally kick myself and tell myself to move my ass because I saw the 120's and I'd be damned if a little wind was going to hold me back, so those walking periods didn't last more than 10-15 seconds and I couldn't have walked more than probably 4 times.  So ultimately I feel like I defeated the wind.... but it was truly brutal.  I finally got back into my zone when I got to the park.  I absolutely love running through that park, I love the trails and how the incline is so subtle that I don't realize how far the elevation is until I'm running back down the other side.  I finally got back home, showered and got ready to run errands with Mark.  We did a few things and then we went to Burlington to find me a new coat.  I've been searching for a coat the past couple of weeks with no luck.  Sadly this is the first time I've been excited to get a new coat and have not had any success!  But with Mark's persuasion I decided on this one:

It's actually a little loose on me, but they didn't have any smaller.  Either way I like this one and the "S" on the tag gives me a warm giddy feeling in my stomach :D.  I felt a little sick by the price, but I know for a nice coat it really was a good deal.  I just hate spending money on myself.  But I also bought a cute springy kind of dress that was on sale for $6.  Not one that I could wear for my birthday unfortunately :(, and I didn't take any pictures because I'm really self conscious about my arms and it's a sleeveless dress.  But I might brave up to it in the future, I'm still trying to figure out how much exactly do I like the dress.  Anyways, I still need to find a dress for my birthday (exactly in one week!) so I'm a little bummed that I haven't had more luck there.  I always used to think "If only I were in a small then I won't have any problems finding cute clothes!"  And now here I am and I have just as much if not more trouble if only because I actually care now!  Bleh.  I'm sure I'll find something, it's just a matter if I'll be willing to dish out the dough.  My eating has been pretty awesome for a Saturday!  I had a Light N Fit Dannon Active yogurt at 80 calories for breakfast with coffee and sugar free hazlenut creamer.  Then for lunch we stopped at Taco Bell.  This terrified me as every time we stop at Taco Bell I end up caving for the delicious cheesy items... like the 5-Layer Burrito.  But today I was refreshed and revived with my new wind (129, yo!)  so I actually behaved!  I ordered a Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme and a Fresco Soft Taco for 520 calories and 15 grams of fat.  I could have done with just the burrito but it kept me full till about 8:30 tonight when we ate dinner.  520 calories is actually a high number for my typical lunch, but since I didn't eat a full breakfast or eat either of my snacks it worked out well.  Then for dinner I made a large salad full of veggies with just a tad of light ranch dressing and some pepperoni and sausage rolls I bought from the kiddo's fundraiser.  They weren't all that great and probably not worth the calories, but I had half a roast beef sandwich on my reduced calorie wheat bread as a snack later on and am sitting at 1309 calories consumed (definitely good :)  ) so I'm not concerned.    I have enough room to eat at least another couple hundred calories if I so desired, but I'm not in the least bit feeling snackish so I should end with a high deficit today.  If anything I'll eat an apple if I get the munchies.  So, that's been the weekend so far, I really need to find the time to work on my Food and Recipes section of my blog, and a picture section, maybe I'll do that tomorrow since I already went grocery shopping today and have half the laundry done.  It's off for a movie and hunny time! 


  1. A HUGE CONGRATS on the 120's!!! That was definitely my FAVORITE milestone ever... just hoping I get back there someday ;) The run through the wind sounded brutal. I completely understand what you mean about not wanting to take walk breaks--I never do, simply because it's so hard to start running again! But hills?! Where I live is very flat. I remember running in Cade's Cove in Tennessee on a VERY windy day (it was actually the morning of the day they had some terrible tornadoes in the Spring). There were SO. MANY. HILLS. And the wind was awful! Once it started to rain on top of all that at mile 7, we stopped ;)

  2. Thank you!! You'll get there! Yes, it was totally brutal, I made it through 6 miles and counted myself lucky to have made it that far, lol!