Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh lordy am I a busy girl!

It's been awhile, I know!  I'm just a tad bit horrible at the whole blogging thing.  I get so busy and of course, I push it to a back burner and the next thing I know there is so much to blog on that I'm not sure where to start!

So, I'll start with Thanksgiving.  Generally speaking I had fabulous Thanksgivings (both the one with Mark's side of the family and then the one with mine).  Nutritionally, it was atrocious!  However, I shall not dwell on the bad (wine all day Thursday and 3.5 different desserts Friday at my dad's Thanksgiving), and will focus on the good.  Thursday morning I got up early and went to run the Turkey Trot in downtown OKC.  My SIL was in town and came to run it, too, and even slowed her pace to run with me!  She told me to set the pace and she'd follow and if she went too fast to just let her know.  Well I kinda waited a step or two so I could see her pace (I already knew she'd be too fast, but I had to try!).  The first mile or so I kept up with her alright (although she was probably still running slower than usual), but then I just got tired all of a sudden!  I couldn't believe how my body was reacting, I'm great at long distance running just under 10 minute miles, but man, trying to go fast really got me!  I struggled through the rest of the 5k, I'm not sure if it was a mental thing for me or if I really tired that quickly, but somehow I just couldn't get into the run.  I did, however, have some great bonding time with the SIL.  And I did finish in somewhere between 29:00 and 29:20!  (Not sure of my exact time because the results were messed up)  My fastest 5k to date was 30:54 so I was pleased to at least have broken my record.  Here is me nearly dying after the race:

I do realize that I look quite hideous, but it's the only pic I have of the event, and the sweatband is to limit my breakouts, not to make some kind of ridiculous fashion statement.
  Then I dropped off my SIL at her car and went home to check on the turkey, by the time I got home I was pumped up and re-energized, so I ran 4 miles after checking on the food.  I think 7 miles suffices to having an enjoyable Thanksgiving!  We spent the rest of the afternoon having a fabulous time.  Friday I skipped my long run, I was exhausted and had plenty of preparation to do for my dad's Thanksgiving and I figured I would just behave myself at dinner.  That didn't exactly pan out, but meh, oh well!  Saturday I went to Body Pump and Zumba and then Sunday I took off again.

I've been doing really well this week!  I ran 6 miles on Monday, did Body Pump and Zumba last night, and tonight I ran a little over 2 miles and did Zumba.  A friend came to class tonight, although it kinda sucked because we had a break in communication and I didn't even realize she was there till class was just about over.  But I'm very glad she came and enjoyed it!  I've kept my eating at the low end of my calorie bracket and am feeling normal again!  I skipped weigh-in last week because I didn't want to traumatize myself, but I'm looking forward to it this Friday.  I hope to see 128 again.  I'm not even looking for a loss, just no gain please!  The leftovers are pretty much gone now, thank goodness!  All I have left is a bit of turkey, so no more temptations left.  You know something I never understood?  When people say (following Thanksgiving or Christmas in regards to exercise) "I've got to work off this turkey!!!"  ................................................................  Really?   I mean..... seriously?  Because I was trying to work off the buttery mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, pumpkin pie and decadent chocolate cake.... but if all I need to work off is the turkey then HELL YEAH!  That would be easy!  Although I ate a ton of turkey the past several days, at least I won't suffer from protein deficiency.  Anyway, I put almost the rest of the turkey into a casserole of Turkey Tetrazzini, it was delish!!!  I posted the recipe under my food section if you're looking for something to do with your extra turkey!   I estimated it to be about 430 calories for a large serving, but I'm not certain as I didn't measure exactly, here take a look:

Yummmmmm!  Very filling!  Anyhoo, I had wanted to put up the tree last night, but I didn't get home till way late and was too exhausted to by the time I ate, made lunches and got ready for today.  So I'm off to decorate our Christmas tree, w00t w00t!

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