Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oi! Full tummy. :(

So yesterday wasn't the best day.  As far as work was concerned, I was tied to the front all day because our receptionist called in sick, so I wasn't as productive as I would have liked to be.  Then I ate well all day, planned a run for right after work and was going to be right on track.  Well, I changed into my running gear, was packing up my stuff to head for the gym when my friend came rushing by saying that a horrible storm was coming.  With 3.75 diameter hail.  At this point I forget all about my run and call my dad (still catching rides until we get his car fixed.... long story) and tell him that maybe I ought to skip my run so he doesn't get stuck driving in the storm.  So he picks me up from the office and we head home.  My dad stays for a bit and we visit and no rain, nothing.  By the time he left I was sure I had time to get in a run before the storm and was pretty bummed out that I hadn't.  Well, I think it was around this time that I kinda just said fuck it.  I had made my Awesome Chili, which the kid loved.  His exact words were "Yeah, it was pretty spicy, but it is addictive!  It sucks because it's so good I couldn't stop eating it."  This coming from a child that can't stand heat in his food at all!  I consider that a success.  So I started with a small bowl as planned and of course ended up going back for seconds.   It only got worse from there because I ended up having a late snack of teddy grams with a half a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and milk in a cup (actually pretty tasty).  I usually only reward myself with late snacks if I run so I was breaking my own rules.  Anyhoo, I ended up with a very full tummy to the point that I woke up this morning still not hungry and I always wake up hungry.  I'm pretty disappointed in myself.  It wasn't a binge, but it was still a lack of control and obviously something I need to work on.  Although according to my BodyBugg I still ended up with 150 calorie deficit so I guess that's something.  Perfect if I were only focused on maintaining, but I want to look fabulous for my birthday coming up this weekend!  I imagine part of my sick/bloated feeling this morning is due to PMS as well, so I'm trying not to kick myself too hard.  If you've read my Rules and Random Tips page you should note that I made clear that you are your own worst enemy, this is very true.  So today is a new day, I was going to go for a quick 30 minute run to help compensate for last night this morning, and I even got up early enough to, but it was pouring.  Nuh uh, not for me!  So I went back to sleep.  But last night I ended up staying an extra 15 minutes (which yes I did actually spend working!) waiting for my dad to get to the office so I can leave work early and get in 30 minutes before Body Pump and Zumba tonight.  If the weather is okay, I plan on running before work and after tomorrow, as well.  And I really plan on kicking it in the rear for the rest of the week.  Especially Friday and Saturday.  Why, you ask?  Because I am determined to be in the 120's on my birthday, and because I am adamant about having a cookie from 1 Smart Cookie on Friday and having cheesecake on Saturday. This is how my program works, yes I'm definitely going to indulge, but I'm going to bust ass to compensate so that freaking cookie and cheesecake and any alcohol I consume better be worth it!  I'm going to end this with a picture of my princess, because I love her and she's absolutely adorable!  Have I ever mentioned that I'm SO not a dog person?  I love all animals and they're all sweet, etc., etc., but I don't like the size of dogs and when they jump on you and make your house smell bad and you have to bath them and it's just SO much work.  But this dog has gone and won my heart and I wouldn't give her up for anything!

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