Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Perfect night for soup and PJs!

Well, I'm going to be honest here.  The past week has been kinda tough.  I know so early in my blog this may be a bit discouraging for some, but I hope if nothing it will show even the successful weight losers have some trouble!   I did great last week through Friday.  Even Thursday when we had our work luncheon!  In the past year and a half or so, I have just refused any food at the office functions, but this time I wanted to test my own self control.  Plus I had a recipe for Mexican Cornbread I wanted to try and I'm damn sure not going to cook for the office and not eat!  So I looked at the sign up list beforehand and planned exactly what I was going to eat and left a little bit of wiggle room.  And guess what?  For the first time EVER I did awesome in a group social setting!  I had a 1000+ calorie deficit on Thursday and am SO proud of myself.  I'm usually an all or nothing kinda girl, and for this reason I constantly worry about going into maintenance mode.  But I proved to myself on Thursday that I'm capable of eating at a party without getting out of control, and I really feel like that is something I've needed. 

Friday is my long run day, I aim for 7+ miles or at least 80 minutes of running every Friday.  So I burned about 850 calories, which was great because we went to the comedy club on Friday.  I made it through the night consuming two Vodka Cranberries, two mozzarella sticks, a small amount of chips and queso and a small piece of a pretzel.  This sounds like a lot, but I didn't eat much throughout the day before and still ended up with a 1000+ calorie deficit.  It was so nice to go and enjoy a night out with friends and have a couple of drinks.  I never drink these days, it's amazing how much of a lightweight I've become!  Good thing I wasn't the designated driver.  :-p    That my friends, is where the goodness ended!  I didn't work out Saturday or Sunday.  And I have plenty of good excuses, but you don't want to hear them!  Let's just say I was extremely busy.  I did maintain a calorie deficit each day, however.  Then Monday was Halloween, and while I did lovely with my eating, I again skipped my run.  However, I will say that kids are a good reason to skip runs and my kid is definitely worth it.  He had an awesome Halloween.  Here's some pictures:

He stood completely still by that post and would leave the bowl of candy in the middle of the porch.  When children would reach for the candy he would start moving.  The screams I heard that night were priceless!
The first year I'm thin enough to do something cute and all I come up with was a way too big black blouse, a black skirt and a witches hat.  It's okay, though, there's always next year!

I did really well Tuesday night, I ran for 15 minutes on the treadmill, did an hour of Body Pump and an hour of Zumba.  Definitely felt the work out last night.  Then tonight I skipped my run because it was rainy and cold.  It's okay though, I've done really well with my eating today.  And for dinner, I had my favorite cold, wet night meal.  Homemade chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese!  Yum!  I made the grilled cheese by very lightly buttering two pieces of reduced calorie wheat bread with light blue bonnet, then I put an ounce of fat free cheddar and a slice of reduced fat American cheese in the middle.  My soup was full of veggies and chicken and I used No Yolk Egg Noodles to cut back on the cholestorol.  The entire meal capped out at about 380 calories.  Not bad for an utterly delicious meal that you really couldn't tell was healthy!  And what did I do before enjoying this yummy hot meal on a chilly night?  I  turned up the heater, changed into my flannel bottoms and long john top and snuggled up with my baby, of course!  Then I started blogging while watching The Hours on cable.  Perfect!  Signing off for now, stay warm, folks!


  1. Lealah, you are such an amazing person! I wish I had just 5% of your motivation and will-power! Keep it up!

  2. I've tried to reply to this at least 5 times and I'm not sure what is wrong with the site or my computer, but here goes again: Jacque, you are an incredible person and mother and you inspire me everyday with all the things you are on top of. Don't ever shortchange yourself, you definitely have as much motivation and will-power as I do. Thank you so much for your comment!