Thursday, November 10, 2011

Slowly Making Progress

Well I have gotten the Background and Timeline in Pictures sections published.  I still need to get my Recipes and Food section going.  Tuesday I only had time to run 16 minutes before class, although I raised my speed to 6.4 mph for 10 minutes of it, so I was pretty pleased.  I had a great Body Pump class, but then when Zumba came along I lost my wind about halfway through.  I felt off and awkward the whole class and really wanted to just go home, but I pushed through it.  Yesterday I actually dragged my ass out of bed early enough to go run!  Not early enough for a good long run, but I hit the snooze a couple too many times.  :-s  Finally, something clicked through the sleep fog in my mind that I was never going to get back in the habit of getting up early to go run unless I just did it.  So despite the fact that I only had enough time for a quick 30 minute run I jumped out of bed and went with it.  I ended up running 36 minutes and rushing through the getting ready process.  After work I hit the gym and ran for another 45 minutes.  It kinda sucked.  I have gotten to where I really don't like running on treadmills.  I find it boring and I don't like the lack of control over what I watch on TV at the gym.  I forgot my headphones so I couldn't listen to my audio book and was a little miffed about that.  But I survived it!  And I felt great afterwards so I'm glad I trudged through.  Today I feel really tired and worn down.  I was planning on an hour run, but I think I'll stick with a 45 minute run.  Tomorrow is my long run day and I don't want to be too exhausted.  That's about it fitness-related.  I've done well with my eating the past two days, ending with 1000 calorie deficits both days.  I've been trying to get going on the holidays, but this year I'm really bummed out about them.  I can't seem to get in the spirit.  Not even for my birthday.  My birthday is this weekend and it marks the start of a very whirlwind couple of months, flinging us from November to January in a matter of minutes, but I can't seem to get gung-ho about any of it.  Meh, hopefully I'll change my tune soon!  Anyhoo, I'm headed off for my run.  I think the rest of the day may be spent with little movement and lots of sitting on my ass, we shall see though. :-P