Thursday, December 29, 2011

Singles!!! Wooohoooo!!

It's been forever since I posted, so I will give a brief summary of the events since Christmas before I get to my main point.  I've been pretty good since Christmas.  I've been logging my food for the most part and I've been keeping up with my workouts.  Here lately I've been doing a lot of Zumba and Body Pump and not so much on the running.  Although I've been making sure to run 3 times a week including my Friday long run.  I did 8.5 miles last Friday and I'm either doing 8.5 or 10.5 tomorrow.  New Year's Eve ended up being a nice night at home.  I drank entirely too much, quite honestly I was trashed.  I drink here and there, but not often and definitey not that much.  Mark and I had a spat, which lasted maybe 30 minutes before we were happy and having a good night again (another reason I don't drink often!).  But  all and all it was a good time, we got the kids sparkling grape and apple juice and toasted  at midnight, it was nice to spend it with family.  New Year's Day was miserable though, I haven't been that sick and hung over since probably college.  It was ridiculous!  Needless to say, I'm staying away from alcohol for a bit, just the thought of wine kinda makes me queasy right now.  So that was my only "bad" day as far as eating/drinking goes.  Other than that I've been behaving myself. 

Even though I've been doing well as far as eating and workouts go, I've been in a rut where my self-image is concerned.  Although today I wore some of my size 2 slacks and I felt little and felt like I looked little, this definitely helped with my recent self-image issues.   I only seem to be happy when I'm actively working towards goals, but since I've almost reached my weight goal I suppose I've felt almost like I'm without a purpose.  It's hard when the weight comes off so slowly and I don't see the fruits of my labor as often as I'm used to.  So, instead of focusing on weight related goals, I'm going to focus on health, fitness and general life goals.  One that I'm working towards is running a half marathon.  Another is fitness related, but I don't want to post it on here yet until I've committed.  Tonight I had an awesome Zumba and Body Pump class.  The weirdest thing:  you might remember a previous post where I admitted to cheering on singles during Body Pump and how I had said that I was the only one that did it for the most part;  suddenly many people in the classes have started cheering!  It was like a switch was flipped and suddenly half the class is cheering on singles now, so random!  I love it, it makes the classes way more invigorating, but it kinda weirded me out at first because it was just so unexpected!  It was awesome!  Every time now, when the instructor hollers "Singles!"  Half of the class is cheering and all of a sudden Body Pump is way more fun!  Anyway....  I'm sure I have more to say, but I'm exhausted and I'm wondering if any of this post will even make since, so off to bed I go!  I'll post an actual *good* blog soon, with pictures!  Of something...  Night all!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Survived Christmas!

It's been a crazy week, but we survived Christmas.  I've been running around baking, shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, coordinating.  It's been insane!  And I've been doing decent with my running, too!  I ran Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I didn't run Sunday or yesterday, shame shame!  But to be honest, the rest has done me good.  My eating has been so-so, I've definitely indulged in sweets too much this season.  No binges or mass destructive actions, I'm hoping the fact that I've been running most days  balances out any bad eating I've done.  There have been a couple of rest days that I burnt as many calories as if I ran just from being on my feet and running errands.  Either way, whatever may have been gained will be reversed within a week or so.

I tested my size 2 theory this past week.  I found myself at Burington Coat factory and Kohls in the midst of my Christmas shopping and decided to try and find some jeans that fit while I was out.  I found several pairs of size 2 jeans and all fit, but the selection was extremely limited.  I feel that I've confirmed that I now fit into a 2, but between the 4 or so pairs of jeans, I felt like that they were too expensive for my cheap ass.

Today I had my first run since Saturday and it kinda sucked in one way.  My dear SIL came out to run with me, we just did 5 miles.  That part was cool, it was nice to have someone to run with and chat with (as I gasped in air, I still haven't mastered the art of running and talking :P), but my stomach started hurting pretty badly.  I had eaten lightly over an hour before we started and it felt like the food was lodged right under my esophogus.  I know better, but I was hungry!  Bleh, I'm sure part of it was punishment for the abuse I've submitted my body to over the past week.  I wish I could just have a good run with a fellow runner without any incident of lameness.  Either way I'm going to start trying to run at a 9:30' per mile pace on the treadmill to work on my speed.  If nothing else, maybe I'll be faster next time!  

I'm actually ready to go back to work  tomorrow.  I'm anxious to get my eating and workout routines back to normal.  I need some Body Pump for sure, my muscles don't feel as nice and firm as they usually do and of course I feel fat and bloated.  Which I probably am.  I always seem to have water weight after holidays.  Tomorrow I'm back to drinking all my water, eating better and strength training!  I know my body will thank me for it, I can't wait to get a good Body Pump class in!  That's really about it for now.  It's been so long since a blog that I feel as though I'd never get you all updated in a timely manner.  Most of it is trivial anyways.  So here's to finishing off this year with a streak of good eating and bad ass workouts, and then starting the new year off the same way!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mini Binge vs. a Binge Two Years Ago. Look at me now.

 Last night's post, I wanted to proof read it for errors since I was so exhausted when I wrote it:

I've always had a problem with sugar.  Really, food in general, but sugar is a big weakness for me.  Since I've reshaped my eating it hasn't really been as big of a problem for me the past couple of years, I mostly crave foods full of protein and fiber; and that's worked for me.  But yesterday I had a break!  It started with the work Christmas luncheon.  I think where I made my mistake was skipping breakfast.  This is a big no-no folks!   Even something like an apple makes all the difference.  I got busy and then I thought, "Well today is the luncheon and I plan on eating so I can wait anyway."  I did fairly well at the luncheon, I got bigger portions of the things I knew were healthy.  Ie- the broccoli salad I made, the chicken salad a fellow weight loser brought and fresh veggies.  I got a couple bites worth of the other things I wanted to indulge in.  After doing a calorie approximation (guessing high to make sure I'm covered), I was satisfied with my calorie count.  I adjusted the rest of my day to work around it leaving room to eat some more broccoli salad and chicken salad for my afternoon snack (and an apple) and then a sandwich on my reduced calorie bread with broccoli salad for dinner.  For an after dinner snack I budgeted for one of my healthified banana nut muffins and a half a cup of skim milk with a teaspoon of honey.  After my workout I was starving.  Like insatiable, "Oh, my goodness, need food NOW" kind of hunger.  I went home and ate as planned.  Then I was still hungry.  That's when the switch in my head just shut off.  I didn't know what I was going to eat, but I was hungry and I knew I had to eat something.  My carbs for the day were extremely low, I was doing well on protein and fat, but lacking in carbs.  Usually that doesn't affect me much, my carbs are typically lower than what my BodyBugg suggests I eat, so I didn't think much of this when planning my food for the day.  But all of a sudden I was craving sugar (high indication that I needed carbs).  So I end up eating a cinnamon roll with a drizzle of honey on top.  Then I was STILL hungry.  I couldn't figure out wtf was going on, but I know from experience that if I don't tread carefully I'll end up eating massive amounts of whatever I could get my hands on.  So I evaluated my kitchen and my cravings.  I was still craving sweets, and I felt insatiable and I had plenty of water intake, fiber wasn't low, but it wasn't as high as it usually is, carbs were a bit low.  I fixed a small bowl of Kashi Wild Blueberry Oat Clusters with Almond Milk and a couple of nuggets of shredded wheat.  Full of fiber and complex carbs.  Finally I was fixed!  I felt like a failure, but I knew the damage wasn't irreversible.  Hell, I probably won't have any damage, at least not scale wise.  The way I had budgeted my food I would have had a 1000 calorie deficit, and I was pretty sure I didn't eat 1000 extra calories.  It's just the concept of the issue that irritates me.  I feel like I overdid the sugar, I had half a danish at lunch, the banana muffin had Splenda brown sugar, which is half sugar, the cinnamon roll had sugar in it and the Kashi had a little sugar.  This is WAY more sugar than I'm used to and I felt all sluggish this morning and I really think it's a result of too much sugar.  Raw sugar or honey, agave nectar, things like that I feel are okay.  It's just the refined sugar that I'm wary of.  After logging my food, I still had a 400 calorie deficit.  Which wouldn't be bad for a rest day, but it's almost a bit ridiculous for a day that I did both a bad-ass session of Body Pump and an hour Zumba.

Let's get to the positive side of things though, shall we?  Luckily, it's never too late to start clean.  I think this is one problem a lot of people have when trying to quit a habit or start new habits.  They mess up, then say screw it and give up.  I can't stand that mentality.  Don't give up, never give up.  See rule #11 on my Rules and Random Tips page.  I hate not being able to find a solution for something, I always want to fix things, it drives me nuts if I can't.  If this had been a binge 2 years ago, something like the following would have happened.   I would have pulled into a Taco Bell drive-thru, ordered a grilled stuft burrito and some cheesy fiesta potatoes and probably something else, and heck I'd need dessert so I'd also get some cheesecake bites or whatever dessert thing they're featuring these days.  Then I would have gone home and eaten the entire meal.  I would have taken that sack home to sit in front of the television and shoved my face with greasy food with no thoughts to the repercussions or any conscious idea of the amount of calories or fat I was consuming. Then I would have hated myself and felt sick to my stomach and I would have looked at myself in the mirror with disgust.  I would have told myself that I was destined to be a fat slob and that I shouldn't even bother trying.  Two years ago I would have convinced myself that I wasn't worth the cost of a gym membership, that I had no control over my size or my destiny.  Well just look at me now.  Now all of my food choices are conscious decisions.  Even my binges.  The cinnamon roll that I ate last night came from a batch that my dad made.  He received a sample of the refrigerated whole grain cinnamon rolls that a certain manufacturer is experimenting with.  My dad does a lot of surveys and he's constantly getting new before market foods for us to try and judge.  So, I went crazy with whole grain cinnamon rolls, healthified banana nut muffins and Kashi.  There's worse to go crazy on.  At least it wasn't Taco Bell and Oreos.  Today I've done much better.  I had Subway for lunch.  I've taken to ordering a foot long sandwich (no cheese) and taking half the meat from one side and putting it on the other, then I save the meatless half of sandwich for later.  That way I get extra protein and all I have to do for a quick meal is throw some deli meat on the other half and bam, there's dinner!  So of course I had the other half for dinner along with a bit of my broccoli salad (the recipe is posted on my recipe section now btw!).  For my pre-workout afternoon snack I had a Strawberry YoCrunch, a handful of grapes and an apple.  And I budgeted to eat the last of my banana nut muffins for an evening snack, but I'm not hungry right now so I'm not sure if I'll eat that or not.  I took Mark's Gramma to get his sister her Christmas gift tonight after I had an awesome Zumba class and a 20 minute run, and Mark picked up my new running shoes for me :D!  I'm so excited to try them out on my long run on Friday!  Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be excited to get running shoes!  I'm exhausted so I'm headed to hit the sack!

I almost forgot, I haven't blogged about my weight or size lately.  I had come clean about getting back up to 130 over Thanksgiving, but last Friday I weighed and I weighed in at 127.2!!!!   That's one pound down from my pre Thanksgiving weight!  And if you're an avid reader of my blog, you might remember that I bought a couple of size 2 pants a few weeks ago.  I assumed at the time that they were freak size 2s, but I've noticed a significant difference in the way my 2s and 4s fit.  So I think that means that I actually fit into size 2s now!  w00t w00t w0000000t!  Most of my fours are feeling a little loose these days, so it makes sense.  Getting into a size 2 was never my goal, nor has it become a goal for me, it's just a nice little perk along the way.  The weight is coming off so slowly these days, it feels like I'll never reach goal, but I'm trying to be patient.  I think part of my problem is the flabby skin that's left over.  I've been hesitant to blog about this, because I'm so self-conscious and really sensitive about this, but I think I need to just go ahead and put this out there.   But that blog is for another day!  I hope everyone is enjoying the season and getting their shopping in order!  ttfn!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Frenzy & 10-miler Accomplished!

Oomph!  That's the noise I make every night when I finally get to sit down and relax!  The holiday season always puts me in a frenzy, but this year, I think I'll get to actually relax and enjoy the season!  I pretty much finished my shopping this weekend, I have just a couple things to pick up, so it's looking good!  Friday I slept in till 7:30 and allowed myself to enjoy some much needed "me time" for a bit before I ventured out on my long run.  About an hour before my run I ate a small slice of my healthified banana nut bread with some coffee because I knew I would need some sort of fuel for the venture.  I taped the dickens out of both of my feet (because I STILL hadn't bought new running shoes) and warmed them up on a heating pad.  Finally, I set off!  The first 6 miles were great, I enjoyed the run and my feet felt great the entire time.  I started feeling a little tired around 7.5.  By the time I hit 8 miles I was definitely feeling it.  I even walked for about 2 minutes.  *Bows head in shame*.  But then I realized that I was killing my run and that if I didn't just push through it I wouldn't accomplish my goal.  There are several points in my run that I could reroute and head home to cut the run short.  One place is at mile 5, one at 7.5 and one at 9.  And believe me that close to the end is a really tempting place to have an out.  But I was determined to achieve 10 miles.  Somehow I miscalculated how far I would have to run to hit 10 miles.  I have an app on my phone that tells me every time I hit one mile so I kept waiting to hear 10 miles as I got closer and closer to my house.  It was tragic, I had to run past my house, looking longingly over my shoulder as I passed it and ran around the block again before I heard 10 miles!  My exact distance actually ended up at 10.15 miles :D  I was pleased.  I was also beat and my feet were swollen from the tape.

Usually after a long run I am not hungry for at least an hour or so (30 minutes for a normal run or normal workout), so after showering and getting ready, I grabbed an apple for on the go once I got hungry.  I figured that if the real hunger set in before I got home, I could stop at Subway or something.  I set out for the mall to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  I felt a bit fatigued and my legs felt a bit like Jello, but honestly I felt fine besides that....  Until I got to the mall and started walking around.  That's when the pain started; horrible cramps clutching the pit of my stomach and causing me to rush to the restroom several times at the mall.  I had this vision of vomiting all over some unsuspecting shopper and then having to apologize profusely as I attempt to clean it off of him/her.  The pain continued on for quite some time before I finally said forget it and decided to get the hell out of there.  I did, however, make sure to stop at the GNC store to grab some GU packets.  I definitely felt like I could have used one around mile 7 of my run and I think it would have made a difference in my performance.  By the time I left the mall, I felt tremendously better, but still nauseous.  So I continued on my merry way, stopping at Gordman's and doing some grocery shopping for dinner.  I ate my apple in the middle of my running around, but never really got hungry till around dinner time.  My dad and brother and sister came over and I made homemade pizza with roasted broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and squash, and garlic bread.  It was delicious!  But I still wasn't too terribly hungry for having run 10 miles earlier.  This is what I ate (plus another 1/2 piece of pizza).

Yes, it's as good as it looks!  That's all I ate all day, I ended up with a 2129 calorie deficit!
I did some more decorating and cleaning after dinner.... but after a couple hours this is how I ended up.

My brother and sister spent Friday night with us and Saturday I took them and my stepson to do their Christmas shopping.  We spent all day shopping.  We had a really good time though, picking out gifts together, getting Starbucks and lunch.   I was just exhausted from being on my my feet all day and then to come home and clean and finish my decorating was just the cherry on top.  We left the house at 10:30 and didn't get home until close to 9:00.  Sunday I slept in till 9:30, then I headed out yet again!  This time it was to head to the only Build-a-Bear location in OKC, at Penn Square Mall, to get a gift certificate for a needy child.  I wandered around the mall a bit, trying to think of anything I'd forgotten.  I wanted to find an outfit to wear to the Christmas parties I'll be attending this year and happened to see the perfect dress in the window of The Limited.  Keep in mind I've never entered that store because it always looked like skinny girls' clothes in the windows.  After checking a couple of price tags I quickly made my way out of the store.  Then I headed to do the weekly grocery shopping.  Once I got home, I did laundry, cooked, cleaned, wrapped presents, etc.  I spent the majority of the weekend on my feet, therefore I forfeited my rights to run.  But I ate really well all weekend and ended up with a ~700 calorie deficit Sunday and ~500 calorie deficit on Saturday.  I'm happy with those numbers since I kicked ass on Friday!
Today was uneventful.  I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill, (so short of a distance because I suddenly realized that instead of running on a sore foot and potentially cause a serious injury that I could go buy new running shoes and miss a run) and stopped to buy some new running shoes, they were out of the ones I wanted so they are having them transferred Wednesday!

Aren't they pretty!!!??

w00t w00t!   I also picked up some Body Glide because my new running shirt does this:
It's worse than it looks.

Then I stopped and got my last (or maybe second to last :-P) present for Mark.  When I got home, my sister was there and she helped me get dinner (toasted subs loaded with veggies!) and the broccoli salad for my work Christmas party together, then we chatted for a bit and she went to leave and I walked her out to her car.  I ended up sitting in her car talking for an hour before she left.  I got some seriously needed sister time!  I'm about to go make the kiddo's lunch, get the coffee timer set, get my gym bag ready, and do a load of laundry.  I'm also about to do my butt exercises one of my esteemed Body Pump instructors gave me to do!  I found an old Christmas vest with the cutest snowmen on them that I think I may be able to cinch and wear to the Christmas party tomorrow, but it's an XL, so we'll see.  I'm going to wash it and try it out.  Needless to say.... I won't have time to do any wrapping tonight!  We'll see how tomorrow goes.  Off to finish things and hopefully get some relaxation in!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I love Body Pump, no really, I do!

That's such a weird thing for someone like me to say.  That's what I think anyways.  I feel like I don't belong to the club that says things like that.  I remember my first Body Pump class.  The ladies in my Zumba class had been trying to convince me to try it and assured me that I would love it, but it just seemed so..... hardcore.  It seemed above and beyond my stamina and fitness level.  I was still pretty chunky, I can't remember what size or weight I was at... but maybe around this time frame:
 If not then, then in between that and this time frame:
Either way I was still really insecure about what I was capable of physically.  I was still in that "I'm fat, I can't do that." frame of mind.  Little did I know that I was capable of way more than I gave myself credit for and now, I'm excited to try new things.  I want to go skiing, rock climbing, diving, snowboarding... try kickboxing and pilates.  I want to have tried everything at least once, and now I know that I can.

Anyway, back to my point.  (Ooooh pretty colors!)  I remember my first Body Pump class.  It was after Zumba and the ladies were talking about how much they loved Body Pump.  I decided to just do it, I was terrified, but my Zumba instructor was subbing so at least there was the comfort of having someone I knew as an instructor for my first class.  I'm really not sure why I was terrified, maybe I was scared because of all the self doubts I had, that I would fail, or suck at it, or... really, I have no clue.  But the thing is and one reason why I love Body Pump, you can't fail.  You can go sissy or you can go hard, or you can attain a mediocre workout, but you just can't fail.... unless you don't do it at all.  I got through that first class and that was the end of the debate.  I was hooked.  Call me a masochist, but I loved the soreness from a good hour of choreographed lifting.  I loved the way the movement on the scale might have been minimal, but the inches flew off.  The sizes went down.  I got to know the Body Pump instructors somewhat and found out that they're as awesome as my Zumba instructors are.  I got to talking to other people in the classes and found out that even skinny people have a lot of the same issues that I do.   I love the fact that I can get an entire body's workout without even having to deal with the stupid machines.  I love that I have three amazing instructors that push and encourage and will take the time to give you tips or watch your form.  I love knowing that I'm doing the best I can to push my body to be strong.  I love muscles and definition.  I love, love, love my triceps!  I never once would have thought that I'd love an actual part of my body!  What do I hate about Body Pump?  The only thing I can think about is that initial feeling I sometimes get, when I'm tired or not in the right mindset of "Ugh, I have to work out now".  And pretty much every time I initially think that, I force myself to do it and get in the mode and I end up enjoying the class.  One thing that has really helped with that is to be interactive.  When the instructor gets excited, YOU get excited.  When it seems like no one is really there, it's awfully quiet and people seem to be dragging, YOU get excited.  When I first started Body Pump, there was this girl that cheered on singles, and I'm not sure if it's because she really loved singles or if it's because most of the instructors emphasize singles when instructing.  But it caught on, a friend and myself started cheering on singles.  I know this sounds super dorky, but it really helps!  You can be struggling to finish a set and when that instructor calls out singles and you force yourself to throw out a yell, it seems to help gain momentum.  My cheering buddy ended up leaving our gym due to personal issues and I kept cheering on my own; I held strong to the idea that maybe it was helping someone else.  No one else participated in the cheering (yes, at this point I started feeling not only super dorky, but uber duber super dorky), or if they did it was very rare, but I was steadfast that it helped either the instructors or someone that might have been struggling to get into the class.  The other night, there were only 3 of us in the class (including the instructor), and I joked with the instructor that if no one else showed up I wasn't going to cheer.  To be honest lately I've felt a bit like an idiot when I'm the only one cheering and I was especially exhausted that night.  A woman intercepted with "Oh yes, you will!  Sometimes those cheers are the only thing that keeps me going!"  So, now I cheer, regardless.  Because even if I feel stupid, it might be motivational to other people in the class and I may never hear it, but I know there's at least one person that benefits from it. 

Last night I had a great workout, my foot started hurting again, but not as bad, today I really am going to tape it before running and class tonight, I hope it makes a difference.  The pain on the top of my left foot is tolerable until I get new running shoes (hopefully this weekend!) but the heel pain on my right foot could become a serious problem if I'm not careful.  I asked my Body Pump instructor how to best firm up my butt last night.  There was the obvious keep focusing on squats, lunges, back and glutes  tracks and I thought to myself, yup need to work on upping weight, but then she offered to show me some more particular exercises that would work the muscles in different ways.  I'm excited to start them tonight after Zumba!  So Operation Butt Firm and Tone begins!  And, on that note, I'll leave you with this, because I have muscles!!!
Check out that bulge!  :-P

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank Goodness for todo lists!

Thursday was super busy! I wrote out the majority of a post and went to bed before finishing it, now I'm several days behind again, ugh!  I wanted to share a new afternoon snack/workout fuel I tried, Kashi Go Lean Chocolate & Peanut Butter Protein and Fiber bar.  It was delicious!  200 calories, 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber and it kept me going my entire work out.

 After work I went to the gym and ran 18 minutes before Zumba, then did Body Pump.  I have been experiencing some pain in my heel on one foot and on the top of my other foot, but I have started wearing some arch supports in all my shoes (even my pointy boots)  and I had an awesome first half of Zumba!  I didn't realize it, but I think my foot pain has been affecting my performance in that class.  But then it started hurting again, but I think I've decided my problem is that I need new running shoes. After that I got home around 8:30 and picked up the kiddo to take him to the grocery store with me.  Tomorrow is Mark's birthday and I needed him to tag along to pick out a card.  I also bought the ingredients to make a peanut butter chocolate cake, the ingredients to make mushroom barley soup because my dad is sick, stuff for banana bread and some other household items.   We got home and I hid most of the ingredients because I didn't want Mark to know about the cake, then I got the soup on to cooking while I started to decorate the tree.  That thing is monstrous!  A 7.5 footer and it took us forever to put it together Wednesday!  It's still not ready yet, but I got a lot of the hard stuff done tonight!  I'll post pictures once it's ready.  Amongst all the excitement, I had Christmas shows on.  I seriously upgraded to a DVR so that I wouldn't miss out on all the Christmas specials this year.  I know I'm kind of a big dork, but last year I missed most of my favorites because I go to the gym every night.  I am starting to get overwhelmed with the season already.  It is full of Christmas music, movies, gift buying and wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating, party attending.... and I love it!  But there is so much to do!  Speaking of... this is what kind of baking and treat making I do during the holiday season:

Can anyone say sinful?  And delectable?  I managed to do lots of baking last year and indulged a bit and still lost weight through the season.  So this year I'm hoping for maintenance at least!  Let the temptation begin!

Friday I was aiming for another 9.31 miles, since I skipped my long run last week.  I got a couple miles in and realized that the pain in my foot was bad enough that I should be concerned about injuring myself, so I cut it down to 7.15 miles.  It was a good run overall, just a little painful.  I was disappointed in my weekly weigh-in, I was at 130.2, that's two pounds up from before Thanksgiving.  :(  But I also just realized that I'm about to start my period, so maybe it's partly in due to PMS, either way I should be used to bouncing up a couple pounds here and then dropping a couple there.  That's how the game goes!  I ate really well Friday, and spent the day making Mark's birthday cake, helping my dad with lunch, and then going with my dad to get his Christmas tree and do a little shopping.  I made what I'll call a Reese's Peanut Butter cake for Mark's birthday cake.

I have to say it was pretty delicious.  I ate well all day and had a small piece of the cake, but then we went out to the Looney Bin with one of Mark's friends and his girlfriend.  We had a blast, but I drank too much.  I'm hoping my 7 miles balanced out the 4 drinks I had.  But I was drinking Vodka and Diet Coke (ugh I know, but I was aiming for low calorie), actually one of them was a Sprite and Vodka. So I did have some regular soda.  Mark and I quit smoking a few years ago, but Mark still smokes while he drinks so I will have a few drags throughout the night.  I think I indulged in that a bit too much, too.  The next morning I got up and hit the gym.  I didn't get up early enough do a 45 minute run and then Zumba as planned, so I opted for an hour run.  This is where I realized my previous night's activities may have had a bit of an impact, lol.  However, I just told myself that Mark's birthday is worth it, and it would be okay.  I struggled through my run and rushed over to the blood institute.  I give blood every 56 days (the most you're allowed to whole blood), a lot of it is because I am O Positive, so I can donate to everyone.  I feel it's my duty to donate since my blood does not discriminate.  Mark and I went Christmas shopping once I got home and then we had to rush to get the kid over to my dad's for the night so we could go to a cookout for the Bedlam game.  I felt okay most of the day, but I started getting really sleepy early afternoon.  I didn't quite pair two and two together till later, but this is the lowest weight I've donated blood at and I think I was a little more frail than I'd like to admit.  The last time I donated blood I was about 7 pounds heavier and I got really sick feeling then, and felt week for a few days after.  So now, after not eating very much throughout the day and donating blood and having run 6 miles earlier, I think it just really hit me.  I got pretty sick feeling at the cookout.  My entire body felt ice cold and I almost felt as if I were going to black out or something.  So I drank a bunch of juice and sweet tea.  I soon started feeling way better.   I made a great first impression I'm sure <insert sarcasm here>, and I felt pretty uncomfortable since I was in a new element surrounded by people I didn't know, but I made in through the night in one piece and actually started feeling normal by the time we left.    

When I get off of here we're going to do some more Christmas shopping, then come home, finish decorating, bake banana bread and muffins (I have probably 20 bananas in the freezer), and get ready for the new week! I made vegetable barley soup for my dad since he's been sick, so for dinner I plan on stewing some beef and adding it to the soup.  My dad can't eat meat, but Mark doesn't believe in eating meals that don't involve an animal being slaughtered at some point.  :-P  I kinda agree with him, I love meat.  :)  Okay, well I'm off to get busy, I'm at an unusually late start today =/, but I think I needed the rest, so meh.  I'll try to post more regularly!