Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I love Body Pump, no really, I do!

That's such a weird thing for someone like me to say.  That's what I think anyways.  I feel like I don't belong to the club that says things like that.  I remember my first Body Pump class.  The ladies in my Zumba class had been trying to convince me to try it and assured me that I would love it, but it just seemed so..... hardcore.  It seemed above and beyond my stamina and fitness level.  I was still pretty chunky, I can't remember what size or weight I was at... but maybe around this time frame:
 If not then, then in between that and this time frame:
Either way I was still really insecure about what I was capable of physically.  I was still in that "I'm fat, I can't do that." frame of mind.  Little did I know that I was capable of way more than I gave myself credit for and now, I'm excited to try new things.  I want to go skiing, rock climbing, diving, snowboarding... try kickboxing and pilates.  I want to have tried everything at least once, and now I know that I can.

Anyway, back to my point.  (Ooooh pretty colors!)  I remember my first Body Pump class.  It was after Zumba and the ladies were talking about how much they loved Body Pump.  I decided to just do it, I was terrified, but my Zumba instructor was subbing so at least there was the comfort of having someone I knew as an instructor for my first class.  I'm really not sure why I was terrified, maybe I was scared because of all the self doubts I had, that I would fail, or suck at it, or... really, I have no clue.  But the thing is and one reason why I love Body Pump, you can't fail.  You can go sissy or you can go hard, or you can attain a mediocre workout, but you just can't fail.... unless you don't do it at all.  I got through that first class and that was the end of the debate.  I was hooked.  Call me a masochist, but I loved the soreness from a good hour of choreographed lifting.  I loved the way the movement on the scale might have been minimal, but the inches flew off.  The sizes went down.  I got to know the Body Pump instructors somewhat and found out that they're as awesome as my Zumba instructors are.  I got to talking to other people in the classes and found out that even skinny people have a lot of the same issues that I do.   I love the fact that I can get an entire body's workout without even having to deal with the stupid machines.  I love that I have three amazing instructors that push and encourage and will take the time to give you tips or watch your form.  I love knowing that I'm doing the best I can to push my body to be strong.  I love muscles and definition.  I love, love, love my triceps!  I never once would have thought that I'd love an actual part of my body!  What do I hate about Body Pump?  The only thing I can think about is that initial feeling I sometimes get, when I'm tired or not in the right mindset of "Ugh, I have to work out now".  And pretty much every time I initially think that, I force myself to do it and get in the mode and I end up enjoying the class.  One thing that has really helped with that is to be interactive.  When the instructor gets excited, YOU get excited.  When it seems like no one is really there, it's awfully quiet and people seem to be dragging, YOU get excited.  When I first started Body Pump, there was this girl that cheered on singles, and I'm not sure if it's because she really loved singles or if it's because most of the instructors emphasize singles when instructing.  But it caught on, a friend and myself started cheering on singles.  I know this sounds super dorky, but it really helps!  You can be struggling to finish a set and when that instructor calls out singles and you force yourself to throw out a yell, it seems to help gain momentum.  My cheering buddy ended up leaving our gym due to personal issues and I kept cheering on my own; I held strong to the idea that maybe it was helping someone else.  No one else participated in the cheering (yes, at this point I started feeling not only super dorky, but uber duber super dorky), or if they did it was very rare, but I was steadfast that it helped either the instructors or someone that might have been struggling to get into the class.  The other night, there were only 3 of us in the class (including the instructor), and I joked with the instructor that if no one else showed up I wasn't going to cheer.  To be honest lately I've felt a bit like an idiot when I'm the only one cheering and I was especially exhausted that night.  A woman intercepted with "Oh yes, you will!  Sometimes those cheers are the only thing that keeps me going!"  So, now I cheer, regardless.  Because even if I feel stupid, it might be motivational to other people in the class and I may never hear it, but I know there's at least one person that benefits from it. 

Last night I had a great workout, my foot started hurting again, but not as bad, today I really am going to tape it before running and class tonight, I hope it makes a difference.  The pain on the top of my left foot is tolerable until I get new running shoes (hopefully this weekend!) but the heel pain on my right foot could become a serious problem if I'm not careful.  I asked my Body Pump instructor how to best firm up my butt last night.  There was the obvious keep focusing on squats, lunges, back and glutes  tracks and I thought to myself, yup need to work on upping weight, but then she offered to show me some more particular exercises that would work the muscles in different ways.  I'm excited to start them tonight after Zumba!  So Operation Butt Firm and Tone begins!  And, on that note, I'll leave you with this, because I have muscles!!!
Check out that bulge!  :-P


  1. YOU are amazing!! You have always been beautiful, but it's nice to see that badass face of yours, too!! I heart you so very much!! YOU should be a Zumba instructor!! xoxo

  2. Thank you, Miss Gina! (sorry for the late reply!!)