Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Survived Christmas!

It's been a crazy week, but we survived Christmas.  I've been running around baking, shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, coordinating.  It's been insane!  And I've been doing decent with my running, too!  I ran Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I didn't run Sunday or yesterday, shame shame!  But to be honest, the rest has done me good.  My eating has been so-so, I've definitely indulged in sweets too much this season.  No binges or mass destructive actions, I'm hoping the fact that I've been running most days  balances out any bad eating I've done.  There have been a couple of rest days that I burnt as many calories as if I ran just from being on my feet and running errands.  Either way, whatever may have been gained will be reversed within a week or so.

I tested my size 2 theory this past week.  I found myself at Burington Coat factory and Kohls in the midst of my Christmas shopping and decided to try and find some jeans that fit while I was out.  I found several pairs of size 2 jeans and all fit, but the selection was extremely limited.  I feel that I've confirmed that I now fit into a 2, but between the 4 or so pairs of jeans, I felt like that they were too expensive for my cheap ass.

Today I had my first run since Saturday and it kinda sucked in one way.  My dear SIL came out to run with me, we just did 5 miles.  That part was cool, it was nice to have someone to run with and chat with (as I gasped in air, I still haven't mastered the art of running and talking :P), but my stomach started hurting pretty badly.  I had eaten lightly over an hour before we started and it felt like the food was lodged right under my esophogus.  I know better, but I was hungry!  Bleh, I'm sure part of it was punishment for the abuse I've submitted my body to over the past week.  I wish I could just have a good run with a fellow runner without any incident of lameness.  Either way I'm going to start trying to run at a 9:30' per mile pace on the treadmill to work on my speed.  If nothing else, maybe I'll be faster next time!  

I'm actually ready to go back to work  tomorrow.  I'm anxious to get my eating and workout routines back to normal.  I need some Body Pump for sure, my muscles don't feel as nice and firm as they usually do and of course I feel fat and bloated.  Which I probably am.  I always seem to have water weight after holidays.  Tomorrow I'm back to drinking all my water, eating better and strength training!  I know my body will thank me for it, I can't wait to get a good Body Pump class in!  That's really about it for now.  It's been so long since a blog that I feel as though I'd never get you all updated in a timely manner.  Most of it is trivial anyways.  So here's to finishing off this year with a streak of good eating and bad ass workouts, and then starting the new year off the same way!!!

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