Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank Goodness for todo lists!

Thursday was super busy! I wrote out the majority of a post and went to bed before finishing it, now I'm several days behind again, ugh!  I wanted to share a new afternoon snack/workout fuel I tried, Kashi Go Lean Chocolate & Peanut Butter Protein and Fiber bar.  It was delicious!  200 calories, 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber and it kept me going my entire work out.

 After work I went to the gym and ran 18 minutes before Zumba, then did Body Pump.  I have been experiencing some pain in my heel on one foot and on the top of my other foot, but I have started wearing some arch supports in all my shoes (even my pointy boots)  and I had an awesome first half of Zumba!  I didn't realize it, but I think my foot pain has been affecting my performance in that class.  But then it started hurting again, but I think I've decided my problem is that I need new running shoes. After that I got home around 8:30 and picked up the kiddo to take him to the grocery store with me.  Tomorrow is Mark's birthday and I needed him to tag along to pick out a card.  I also bought the ingredients to make a peanut butter chocolate cake, the ingredients to make mushroom barley soup because my dad is sick, stuff for banana bread and some other household items.   We got home and I hid most of the ingredients because I didn't want Mark to know about the cake, then I got the soup on to cooking while I started to decorate the tree.  That thing is monstrous!  A 7.5 footer and it took us forever to put it together Wednesday!  It's still not ready yet, but I got a lot of the hard stuff done tonight!  I'll post pictures once it's ready.  Amongst all the excitement, I had Christmas shows on.  I seriously upgraded to a DVR so that I wouldn't miss out on all the Christmas specials this year.  I know I'm kind of a big dork, but last year I missed most of my favorites because I go to the gym every night.  I am starting to get overwhelmed with the season already.  It is full of Christmas music, movies, gift buying and wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating, party attending.... and I love it!  But there is so much to do!  Speaking of... this is what kind of baking and treat making I do during the holiday season:

Can anyone say sinful?  And delectable?  I managed to do lots of baking last year and indulged a bit and still lost weight through the season.  So this year I'm hoping for maintenance at least!  Let the temptation begin!

Friday I was aiming for another 9.31 miles, since I skipped my long run last week.  I got a couple miles in and realized that the pain in my foot was bad enough that I should be concerned about injuring myself, so I cut it down to 7.15 miles.  It was a good run overall, just a little painful.  I was disappointed in my weekly weigh-in, I was at 130.2, that's two pounds up from before Thanksgiving.  :(  But I also just realized that I'm about to start my period, so maybe it's partly in due to PMS, either way I should be used to bouncing up a couple pounds here and then dropping a couple there.  That's how the game goes!  I ate really well Friday, and spent the day making Mark's birthday cake, helping my dad with lunch, and then going with my dad to get his Christmas tree and do a little shopping.  I made what I'll call a Reese's Peanut Butter cake for Mark's birthday cake.

I have to say it was pretty delicious.  I ate well all day and had a small piece of the cake, but then we went out to the Looney Bin with one of Mark's friends and his girlfriend.  We had a blast, but I drank too much.  I'm hoping my 7 miles balanced out the 4 drinks I had.  But I was drinking Vodka and Diet Coke (ugh I know, but I was aiming for low calorie), actually one of them was a Sprite and Vodka. So I did have some regular soda.  Mark and I quit smoking a few years ago, but Mark still smokes while he drinks so I will have a few drags throughout the night.  I think I indulged in that a bit too much, too.  The next morning I got up and hit the gym.  I didn't get up early enough do a 45 minute run and then Zumba as planned, so I opted for an hour run.  This is where I realized my previous night's activities may have had a bit of an impact, lol.  However, I just told myself that Mark's birthday is worth it, and it would be okay.  I struggled through my run and rushed over to the blood institute.  I give blood every 56 days (the most you're allowed to whole blood), a lot of it is because I am O Positive, so I can donate to everyone.  I feel it's my duty to donate since my blood does not discriminate.  Mark and I went Christmas shopping once I got home and then we had to rush to get the kid over to my dad's for the night so we could go to a cookout for the Bedlam game.  I felt okay most of the day, but I started getting really sleepy early afternoon.  I didn't quite pair two and two together till later, but this is the lowest weight I've donated blood at and I think I was a little more frail than I'd like to admit.  The last time I donated blood I was about 7 pounds heavier and I got really sick feeling then, and felt week for a few days after.  So now, after not eating very much throughout the day and donating blood and having run 6 miles earlier, I think it just really hit me.  I got pretty sick feeling at the cookout.  My entire body felt ice cold and I almost felt as if I were going to black out or something.  So I drank a bunch of juice and sweet tea.  I soon started feeling way better.   I made a great first impression I'm sure <insert sarcasm here>, and I felt pretty uncomfortable since I was in a new element surrounded by people I didn't know, but I made in through the night in one piece and actually started feeling normal by the time we left.    

When I get off of here we're going to do some more Christmas shopping, then come home, finish decorating, bake banana bread and muffins (I have probably 20 bananas in the freezer), and get ready for the new week! I made vegetable barley soup for my dad since he's been sick, so for dinner I plan on stewing some beef and adding it to the soup.  My dad can't eat meat, but Mark doesn't believe in eating meals that don't involve an animal being slaughtered at some point.  :-P  I kinda agree with him, I love meat.  :)  Okay, well I'm off to get busy, I'm at an unusually late start today =/, but I think I needed the rest, so meh.  I'll try to post more regularly!

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  1. That cake looks and sounds AMAZINGLY good. I'm obsessed with chocolate + peanut butter!

    And that's so interesting about how you felt after giving blood this time around. I've noticed that since I've lost the weight, I am effected by things much more than when I was fat--like alcohol, taking medications, etc. I wonder if giving blood would have the same effect as it had on you.