Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grumpy Panda, Begone!

I've always had a thing for pandas, perhaps it's because I've felt kindred to them.  They're cute and "fluffy", I've always liked to think about myself in that manner.  (Denial!)  Maybe around the 150-170 lb range I could be referenced as such, and I sat in that range for several years before my most recent weight explosion.  So it's possible that this was the time range in which the phrase was adopted.  I believe I heard the phrase "Grumpy panda!" in a Disney movie somewhere along the line and since then it's stuck with me.  I prefer to reference myself as "Grumpy Panda"  as opposed to "Raging Bitch".   :)  Anyhoo,  I've been quite the grumpy panda for some days  now, sometimes it just hits me.  I'm overwhelmed with a desire to be alone and a fly on the wall while the world rushes past me because every other thought that crosses my mind is negative.  I haven't felt like blogging, I haven't felt like working out, I haven't felt like socializing.  I've also been exhausted and experiencing some stomach issues.  Meh.  Luckily, today all has passed!  I'm in a great mood and I haven't had stomach issues since Monday.  I've been more dedicated to eating healthily the past week, I've rededicated myself to new fitness goals and I've spent more time in meditation.  This has helped tremendously, methinks!  Part of my negativity could be related to the naughtiness of the holidays and the fact that last week's weigh in was up, 129.  :(  I really couldn't understand how I seemed to gain 2 pounds when the week prior I was at 127 directly following the holidays!  I finished my TOM on Thursday, so I'm half hoping that the weight gain was related to that, hopefully this week my weigh in will be back to my low. I also did three sessions of Body Pump last week and I know that initially upping your strength training can cause weight gain, so I'm trying not to obsess.

Last night I had a great workout.  I ran a mile, and I know it was only a mile, but it was an amazing mile, I didn't feel out of breath and I felt like I could have ran forever.  I then did an hour of Body Pump, it was the new release of Body Pump 80 and was an 80's theme and really was a blast!  I was majorly kicking myself for not making time to find an 80's themed outfit.  I've felt so overwhelmed lately and thought I had no time, but I bet I could have found time if I had motivated myself.  This goes back to the blah mindset I've been in the past week or two.  Nevertheless, I think having an awesome workout last night helped kick the mood.  I continued my workout with an awesome Zumba class and really had a blast.  Who would have thought that I'd actually enjoy working out?  Oooh and any fellow Body Pumpers out there ought to check out the new lunge and shoulder track!  Awesommmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!  I didn't so much care for all the music, some of the songs were cool, but they really could have gone with the 80s theme, there's so many genres!  Tom Petty (cool down, maybe?), Pat Benetar, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, The Bangles, the Violet Femmes, Aerosmith, Journey, NIN, They Might be Giants, my gosh, the list goes on!  But, complain I shall not.  I thoroughly enjoyed the actual workout and there wasn't anything that I just flat out disliked... well except for maybe Edge of Glory, I really think that is one of Lady Gaga's less exemplary examples of work. 

So, fitness goals.  A.) I want to run a half-marathon this spring (this has been a goal for awhile now) and B.) I want to become Zumba certified.  I've been thinking back and forth on this for about a year now and have finally decided that yes I want to do this when I had a couple of my Zumba instructors very enthusiastically encourage me to do so and even offered their assistance!  I think it helps knowing that I won't just all of a sudden be on my own.  The thought of creating my own routines and remembering them all scares the crap out of me, but so has everything else I've accomplished the past few years and I have learned that you cannot accomplish anything by being timid.  I don't want my own class or anything, I'd just like to sub for different classes in the metro-area.  So my new workout plan:  Short speed work runs (~3 miles) on Monday and Wednesday, a mid-length run (5-6 miles) on Sunday, long run (8.5-13 miles) on Fridays, and then Body Pump and Zumba Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This of course leaves no room for a rest day, but I think I'll just take it as I go, I may drop one of my short runs or cut it down to 2 miles depending on how I feel.  But the theory is that if I do two short runs instead of mid-length runs, that maybe I wouldn't need to take a rest day.  Less than 30 minutes of physical activity should be fine, I would think.  But we'll see, nothing is set in stone.  So long as I practice Zumba at least 3 times a week, run 3 times a week and do 2 sessions of ST a week. 

Tonight I was supposed to do a speed work and then go have dinner and hang out with my sister.  Last minute I made the decision to say screw the workout and I went straight to see my sister.  Maybe not the best decision regarding my fitness and health, but regarding my family and life it was the best decision for me.  You only live once and I don't see my lil sister nearly enough.  We had a great time hanging out, although we ate way too much, but that's what clean slates and tomorrows are for! On another note, I've also decided to track my mileage this year, I've been really curious to know exactly how many miles I run in a week/month/year.  Thus far, I've run 12.5 miles this year.  I need to get a Gadget to put on here like one of my inspirations, Katie, has on her blog.  I've been following her progress for over a year now and she's really inspired me!  I came across her page on Sparkpeople (which more about this site can be found on my Resources page, once I get it up) and saw that she was about my height and frame and decided that if she could do it, so could I.  I used her as reference for about what I'd look like at what weight, etc., etc.  She also just got a lower body lift and looks incredible!  I fear I will need one once I'm done, but her results make it a lot less scary!  You can find her page at .  Truly an amazing woman!  Anyway, that's a bit off track, but you should check her out if you're looking for motivation and inspiration! 

I'm fairly comfortable in a size 2, now.  Although I want to lose probably another 10 pounds to lose the "fluffy" quality I have.  I also have one pair of 2s that a bit tight so I would like for them to be comfortable before I stop.  But I've several compliments on my appearance today, so I shall end with a picture (mostly because I have no pictures of anything else to post!).

The boots are a Christmas present from my daddy, and the top is new, as well :D  Not the best picture, and if you can't tell I'm pretty close to stuffed in this picture, I can actually see my tummy protruding, but a picture nonetheless!  I'm off, ttfn! 


  1. You can definitely run a half marathon this spring! That was a huge goal for me last year, and I felt amazing when I did it. Thanks for the shout out! ;)

    You are looking SOOO tiny--wow!

    1. Haha, thank you! No problem, you've been a big inspiration!