Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Out of Town Weekend

So this past weekend I was out of town visiting family.  Really the weekend was uneventful, I did a lot of visiting, a lot of driving and a lot of eating!  Friday we got into town close to 10.  My eating for the day would normally be kinda bad, I ate a Grilled Chicken Wrap and a Chili Cheese tot from Sonic on the trip up and then had a piece of pizza after we got there.  However, ending up around 1600 calories for the day after running 10.75 miles, I was right on track!  My run went pretty well earlier in the day, and my weigh in was at 128.2.  So, at least it wasn't still at 129.  I drank a lot over the holidays and I've heard that no matter the calorie count, alcohol consumption can really weigh down your weigh ins.  I attribute it to the sugar content.  Saturday morning I went for a run and Mark and I met up with my uncles at a little Mexican joint for lunch.  The food was SO good!  I got the combo platter with a cheese enchilada, brisket taco (this thing was omg good), and a chicken soft taco.  I may or may not have had some chips and tortillas before the food got there :-$.  Oh and they had a tableside guacamole set up that awesome!  After that I rolled my way out of the restaurant and then Mark and I ventured out of our comfort zone to find a Best Buy to buy my brother some CDs.  It was his birthday on the 6th and the main reason we were in town was to celebrate his birthday.  One thing about Texas, at least where my family lives, everything is SO spread out, you can't get anywhere without driving a good 20-30 minutes. We then got back to my uncles house and hung out for a little bit before going to pick up my brother.  Later that evening we took him out for dinner at a grill and bar where the food was pretty dang good.  I ordered grilled chicken, broccoli and rice (score 1 me!), I then had two rolls (-5 me  =( ).  We then made our way to the bar side where my brother started feeling ill.  We were celebrating his 21st birthday so the plan was to buy him drinks and have a merry ole time, but he retreated to the restroom for quite some time and upchucked the steak dinner I had bought him.  After sitting around and only drinking about half of one of the beers we bought him, he made his discomfort be known and I offered to take him back to our uncle's house and hang out with him while Mark and my uncle stayed at the bar to play pool and hang out with friends.  Here's a picture of us before we left:

My brother and I hung out at the house watching movies until Mark called me to pick them up.  Shortly after we all fell asleep.  I enjoyed being designated driver, it gave me an excuse to not drink and while I hate that my brother was sick on his birthday celebration, I much preferred staying in if I wasn't going to drink as opposed to sitting at a bar watching my family get loaded while I sit bored.  My brother continued being sick the next day.  We went to have coffee with my mom and I gave her her birthday/Christmas gifts and my brother proceeded to vomit (much like something you'd see in the Exorcist) in a trash can out in the garage.  We got back to my uncle's house where my brother collected his things and I took him back home with loads of sick supplies (chicken soup, crackers, etc.) and where he got me lost on the backroads of some little country towns.  I finally got home and it was time to eat again!  So we went to this little Italian shop.  The rolls were awesome, the salad was okay and the rest was just meh.  I ordered a canneloni, manicotti and lasagne combo and ate about half of each item.  The platter itself was pretty small compared to a lot of restaurants portions so I didn't really indulge too much.   We then got ready to head back home.  We got home around 7:30 and picked up the kid and got settled back in.  It was good to be home although we already missed my family.  Monday I did some cleaning, had the TV repair guy come in and cooked a nice, healthy meal.  The kiddo and I went to the grocery store, otherwise I was pretty freaking lazy, I even took a nap!!!  I can't remember the last time I've had a nap!  I made chicken and mushrooms in mushroom gravy with wild rice and steamed broccoli and cauliflower for dinner.  It was delicious and just what we needed after a weekend of unhealthy eating.  I posted the chicken and mushroom in gravy recipe on my recipe page.  I used Uncle Ben's Wild Rice, steamed some veggies and voila!

I've been so tired lately.  I keep thinking I've kicked it, but it doesn't seem to want to go away.  I don't really think that the no rest day thing will go over well.  (In reference to my "new" exercise schedule I talked about in my last blog post.)  I'll just aim for at least 3 days of running to include at least one speed work and one long run, and 3 days of Zumba and Body Pump.  Oh, and on that note I also registered for my Zumba certification!  It's for the end of February!  w00t w00t!  We'll just see if I have the energy to do it!  I even was in bed by 10:30 last night and still woke up exhausted!  Maybe it's stress, I have been awfully stressed lately, but I'll just have to keep trucking and see if it gets better.  My mileage for the year 2012 is 31.25 miles.  Could be better, but then could be worse, too.  I did do my workout tonight, and I've eaten dinner (leftovers from last night) and now I'm pooped and ready to doze in front of the telly until I go to bed.  Night everyone!

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