Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Late to Back Out Now...

So, I honestly don't have a good reason for not blogging the past two weeks.  I have hit a sort of wall, I think it would be a bit premature to call it a burn out, but I've felt close to it.  I haven't felt like working out, I haven't felt like eating healthy and I sure haven't felt like blogging.  Encouraging, I know!  I've been forcing myself to work out and eat healthy, but the blogging... I just haven't been able to make myself do it, I apologize readers!  I honestly do not know how people find the time to blog so regularly!  Or the energy for that matter!  Whenever I get the tiniest bit of free time it usually ends up being spent on cleaning, cooking, kid time and reading if I can swing it.

I did take two days of rest last week, however, and I think that has helped.  Monday and Tuesday evenings, of which I spent the majority sleeping and watching a couple of movies! I've also been insanely busy, appointments all over the place, so many things to do: doctor, orthodontist, and dentist appointments, platelet donations, dad days, skills training on CPR, Oxygen and First Aid.  It never seems to end!  I've been so exhausted these days, and after whining to one of my good friends, she pointed out that it is most probably related to stress.  *Ding ding ding*  Sometimes I'm incredibly dense.  On that note I'm going to attempt to focus of the positive sides of things.  I just need to realize that life is going to happen whether or not I carry the burden of it on my shoulders.    Some things are out of my control, but then others are what I make them to be.  I usually do really well with stress management, but the past few weeks the amount of stress has been building and building.  This time next week I should be doing much better.  A couple of anticipated events will have passed.  I have personal matters to deal with on Friday over which I have no control.  And on Monday I'll be teaching my first Zumba class, over which I have plenty of control!

This leads me to my blog title.  The prospect of teaching a Zumba class has been a huge stress factor.  I applied for a job with a YMCA location Wednesday the 8th and I finished all my training and paperwork last night.  As I was leaving, the director said that he would see me on Monday.  Me:  *stare*... "Monday...?"  *gulp*  At which point, he clarified that I would start instructing on Monday.  So, instead of being excited and super pumped, I found myself terrified.  Is it too late to back out, now?  Yes!!!!!  Indeed, it is!  I am so glad that I have thrown myself into the certification process and then proceeded to apply for a job with my arms flailing and feet kicking, because I will rock this and if I hadn't have pushed myself out of my comfort zone then there's no way I would be in the position I am now.  I need work.  Sure I need to polish up, but that doesn't mean I'm not able to instruct a class of students on how to have fun while working out.  Not to mention I have great friends and instructors whom have offered their time and assistance in helping me prepare.  All of my Zumba instructors have been amazing!  I feel incrediby lucky to be where I am and to be surrounded by whom I am when I've decided on such endeavors.  Suddenly (like in the past couple of hours), I have realized that I am stressing for no reason.  Zumba is supposed to be fun, not a huge serious ordeal that I sit and fret about.  I feel very silly.  I've never failed at something that I've truly given my all to and I don't intend to start now, and suddenly with these small changes in my train of thought I am excited for my first class!

On to regular updates.  My weight is the same, bouncing around between 128 and 130.  These last 10 pounds are still being stubborn, but I know they shall come off!  I've been taking CLA because I've heard that it can help with skin elasticity, but I'm not sure if I'm seeing a difference or not.  I should have taken pictures to compare!  My size is still the same, quite comfortable in a 4, mostly comfortable in most 2s.  Operation butt something or another is still on, but I'm not sure if I'm making progress.  Of course, if I adhered to the butt exercises one of my esteemed Body Pump instructors showed me, I might make just a tad bit more progress.  I have failed to work that into my regular routine and instead have just been doing the exercises sporadically.  I've been focusing primarily on Zumba and have not been running like I should be.  To be honest, with all the aches and pains I've been experiencing, I'm not sure if I want to run like I "should be".  Pain and body falling apart does not equate to optimal health in my book.  I still have my running goals to accomplish, I've just eased up on it some here lately.  I bet if I stopped doing Zumba and ran all the time that I've been doing Zumba I would definitely have lost these last 10 pounds.  However, I'm just not willing to sacrifice to that extreme!  Anyway, I suppose that's about it, we had a killer Body Pump class tonight.  One of the guys in the class created a mix playlist created from a compilation of different releases.  I think just about every track was more difficult than the release we have been working on.  It was awesome!  Of course,  it could have just seemed more difficult since it was changing things up.  All around I really enjoyed the list, we had a great workout!   I know I'm going to be sore, my legs were all rubbery through most of Zumba.  On that note, I'm going to retire, my body is calling for the comfort of my bed!  Night folks!

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