Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekly Update and Zumba Overload!

Well last week was super long/busy.  I spent all last week practicing Zumba.  I would go to Zumba class and then go home and practice for another hour or so.  It was exhausting!  Sunday I practiced for at least 3 hours!    Monday of last week, I practiced Zumba at home, Tuesday I did Body Pump and Zumba, then went home and did some more Zumba.  Wednesday I ran 4 miles and then my friend/instructor came and met me to work on Zumba for an hour.  Thursday I went to a mini Zumbathon for Women in Red and then went home and worked on Zumba for about an hour and 15 minutes.

These lovely ladies have played a huge role in my inspiration to become a Zumba instructor.
Friday morning I went to court because a man hit my car in a company truck back in October.  After admitting it was his fault to the trooper that arrived, he later denied all liability to his insurance company.  No one showed up so I got a judgement by default, w00t w00t!  This has been a huge factor of stress on my shoulders and I'm so glad that part of it is over.  The trooper that showed up was so helpful!  I didn't have to say hardly anything!  Then I ran some errands with my dad and worked on my brother's birthday cake for the rest of the afternoon.  Later that evening I made a Zumba class and then had to rush home to get ready to go out.  Mark, a buddy of ours and I went to a performance of The Wall by the OKC Hammer Society.  One of my friends coordinated the event and it was awesome!  I drank one beer so I was a good girl until we stopped at Taco Bell one the way home that night.  I ate very lightly throughout the day, though, and still ended up with 744 calorie deficit.

Saturday morning I got up and went to the gym after a mere 4 or so hours of sleep.  I knew there was no way I would get up in time for Body Pump, so I made it about halfway through and ran for 3 miles until Zumba started.  The Saturday instructor let me teach two songs in class and then had me stay up at front for the rest of the class because I was so obviously nervous!  It was ridiculous, I wonder if maybe part of that was due to the lack of sleep because apparently I looked like death!  After class, two of my other instructors stayed and helped me work on my Zumba skills.  Have I mentioned I have an incredible support team?  I have been so incredibly lucky to have instructors that have welcomed me to the instructor scope of Zumba and they have been so encouraging and ready to help!  After that one of the instructors and I went to a coffee shop right underneath the gym and got coffee and shared the most delicious black forest brownie ever!  It had chocolate chips and cherries in it with a nice crunchy thin layer on top... SO good!  I definitely should have taken a picture so I could show you all how awesome it was!  That's what I had for lunch along with my sugar free skim milk latte and it was totally satisfactory!  After that I headed over to my dad's house and helped prepare dinner for my brother's birthday party.  We had a whole Mexican food setup and I put the finishing touches on the cake.  I usually take pictures of the cakes I decorate, but this one was fairly simple.  I just put some edging around the top and bottom and a checkered banner across the corners, but it sure did taste good!  By the time we ate and opened presents and visited for awhile, it was already after 10:00 pm.  We headed home for the night and I put a Netflix movie on and passed out.  

Sunday I got up and watched the movie that I slept through the night before and then prepared a big breakfast/lunch and then proceeded to get to work.  I needed to practice my Zumba routine a few times through and perfect a song or two that I had been working on.  I also had to laundry, cook dinner and do a bit of picking up.  I spent the rest of the day working on Zumba and switching over the laundry, cooking and getting ready for a new week. I ended up burning 3,236 calories and only ate about 1110.  I was starving Monday morning, so I ate a piece of cake for breakfast.  I think I earned that! By the end of the day I was exhausted and passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

This post has gotten pretty lengthy and I'm spending the rest of the evening with my sister, so I really must go. However I will be posting about my first Zumba instruction experience in the next couple of days!  Ttfn!  

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