Friday, March 2, 2012

12.5 Miles and Running Revived!

So, aside from my Zumba adventures, some new developments have begun on the running side of my fitness orientated life.  A couple of new events have revived my motivation to run!   Last Wednesday, Katie, from, contacted me to invite me to run the Ragnar Relay in Key West next year as a part of a team she's creating of 12 individuals that have lost large amounts of weight while becoming runners along the way!  Does that not sound amazing?  To meet twelve strangers that understand and have faced the same kinds of situations that I have and then run with them!  I'm super pumped!  At first I hesitated because of the cost of something like this since this is the first year of my and Mark's 6+ year relationship that we've decided to take a vacation.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really wanted to do this and Mark kept saying that this was an amazing opportunity and I just realized I couldn't pass up the adventure of it!  We haven't actually planned anything, so after discussion we decided we would turn my participation in the Ragnar Relay into a vacation for us, stopping in Arkansas, and Tennessee and sight-seeing in Florida after the race!  So, I responded to Katie with a definite "Yes!", w00t, w00t!  That also gives me 10 months to work on my race pace.   Then there is speculation of maybe doing a race in San  Antonio in the fall, the prospect of which I'm starting to get excited at.  A mini vacation to hold us over until the big one in January comes around would be perfect!  I kinda like this team's video of the 2012 Ragnar Relay:

The second event that has suddenly spurred me into a running revival was when my amazing SIL texted me to ask me to run a 25k with her on.....  wait for it.... March 10th.  She texted me on Wednesday, February 29th , exactly one week from when Katie texted me.  I immediately balked.  The past two or three weeks I've been focusing primarily on Zumba, throwing in a 3 miler here, four miles there, two here, six there...  I have not been training at all for even a half marathon, much less 15 miles!  My last couple of long runs have been 8 miles (again at least two weeks ago) and before that I had a 10.75 mile run.  I would have to be crazy to consider running 15.5 miles.... right?  Well, call me crazy then.  This evil (yet awesome) lady aka said SIL insisted that though tough, I would be able to handle it; and magically, I suddenly wanted to.  So I hedged, and told her I'd wait until hereby named Long Run Friday, and see if I could run 12 miles without dying, if this was manageable I would run with her on Saturday.  About two and half hours ago I registered for the race.  I ended up running 12.5 miles in 2:24:00, although I honestly think I ran 13 miles, but the map I was used was sketchy so I'm not certain and I'd rather guess at the lower end than higher.  It was so slowwwwwww!  I had planned my route out prior to leaving and left my water and GU in my driveway and intended on swinging by at mile 7 to eat a packet and drink some water.  About mile 6, I decided to do my route a different way and changed course.  I think I probably would have been faster if I'd had supplements and water.  I  had a plan in case I felt like I really needed water, but I only really started regretting  my decision at about  mile 10.5.  My legs were hurting and I was thirsty!  I stopped to stretch my legs a couple of times, but otherwise I ran the entire time!  I was so proud to even have finished that distance, slow as I may have been.  It was also windy as fuck the first 7-8 miles, I felt almost wind burnt at the end of it all.  And that made it feel all the colder and slower.  When I got home I let out Bella and stretched barefoot on the sidewalk in front of my house.  The cold pavement felt so good on my aching feet.  After showering and realizing that I did not feel like death and that I actually made it, I made the decision that yes, I was going to run a 25k next weekend.   So now, my SIL, I and a coworker have very quickly made the decision to run a 25k and we're all registered.  My coworker made the decision based on his policy of not being "beaten by a girl", I laughed.  Great, the more the merrier!  Then food and beer afterwards!  Food and beer have never tasted as good as they do after a good long run!  Speaking of, after my run today, I got ready to head to my dad's and we decided to go to the mall for pretzels for lunch.  It had been a couple hours since my run and I was starving!  I really wanted to go to Whole Foods for dessert, but things just do not always follow my plans!  I even failed to get a pretzel, instead I ended up with half a meat and veggie Stromboli and half a spinach, onion and tomato Stromboli.  I by far preferred the spinach, onion and tomato one, but I ate some of the other one to make sure I got some protein so my appetite would be satiated.  Then I got a small mango pineapple smoothie:

And on the way out I saw this sign:

And I remembered how much Katie loves Mrs. Fields cookies, and I just had to try something!  So I got a Walnut Chocolate Chip cookie for me and each of the kids a chocolate chip cookie and this for us all to share because it looked so freaking good:
Peanut Butter Dream Bar -  Yummy!

For dinner I got a six-inch tuna sub and an apple for a snack later tonight so my poor choice of eating earlier today will be balanced out.  Besdies that why not use long run days to enjoy things I don't normally indulge in?   I plan on spending the rest of the night cleaning the house and relaxing with the family.  And tomorrow I have a workout on the agenda along with a platelets donation and some horror event, I'm not exactly privy to the details, but it sounded fun!  Ttfn, I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I'm getting a PB Dream Bar today, I think--after my 13-miler!

    I'm SO GLAD that you're able to join us for the Ragnar. We're going to have so much fun!

    1. I saw you didn't get your PB Dream Bar, but that brownie the day after looked amazing! I'm super excited for Ragnar! Yay!