Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finding a Happy Medium

I'm writing this Wednesday evening, but I don't plan on posting until Thursday morning.  I really like this method because it gives me a chance to review what I've written in an almost incoherent state of exhaustion with a fresh, clear mind!  I am a bit of a grammar nerd (albeit not nearly as bad as I was in college) and the thought of making simple/silly grammatical errors makes me cringe.  So from here on out, let's just assume that I've written my post the night before!

 So I guess I ought to start with a quick weekend update.  Saturday I got up early and hit the gym for Body Pump and Zumba, I did a couple songs and stayed up front for the rest of class.  I went to donate platelets after that, but my iron count was too low.  Phooey!  They don't even take the iron enriched part of your blood on platelet donations!  So I went home and did a little cleaning.   Later we hung out with friends where I tried for the first time, tacos from a taco truck!  A real taco truck!  And yes, I felt dirty and was a little apprehensive before trying them, but they were sooooooooo good!  And I figure since I haven't had a rest day since..... well to be honest I'm having problems remembering when my last rest day was  Sunday, February 19th (I had to look it up), that I have earned the right to be a little bad with my eating.  That, my friends, is 16 days of working out straight.  No wonder I've been so exhausted!  I took tonight off, I was dressed out sitting in my car in the parking lot about to walk into Zumba, when I spoke to my sister on the phone and she said, "You should come see dad and I", I really only had to think a second before I realized my poor aching body could use the break, not to mention I was hungry and there is always food at dad's house.  So, I bailed.  And yes, I did feel pretty guilty later, but I think that's a defect in my head because I really have needed a rest day!  I haven't decided what kind of workout I'm doing Thursday yet, I really don't want to miss Body Pump because I will miss it Saturday and I can tell a difference in my muscle composition when I don't do Body Pump at least twice a week.  But at the same time, with a big race coming up on Saturday, I probably really should rest both days.  The problem is I'm having a really hard time finding a happy medium in my workouts.  I need Body Pump at least twice a week to keep me feeling good.  I will be teaching Zumba twice a week, and then I want to attend other instructors at least twice a week, if not three times a week.  I can double up my Zumba and Body Pump days, but that only leaves me two-three days in the week.  If I use one as a rest day, that only leaves me two days to run.  And when training, two days just doesn't cut it.  So here is my tentative plan:

Monday: Teach Zumba (only a 50 minute class), run 4 miles
Tuesday:  Zumba, Body Pump
Wednesday: Zumba, run 3-4 miles
Thursday: Body Pump, teach Zumba
Friday:  Long Run Friday (w00t!)
Saturday:  Rest
Sunday:  Run (short to mid-length distance, ie:  3-6 miles), practice Zumba for teaching

That gives me four run days, five Zumba days and two Body Pump days; I think this might be manageable.  On the plus side, I've been shrinking again.  Nothing extremely noticeable, but all my 4s are definitely way loose now, and all my 2s are definitely comfy now.  I weighed in on Friday (after my long run to be fair) and I actually saw 126 on the scale!  w00t w00t!  Alas, I'm sure at least 2-3 pounds of that was probably water weight.  Still, it was sure nice to see. ;)  Otherwise I really haven't seen a scale change, I plan on weighing in again on Friday and see if it's a good number, but I don't think it will be, my body composition is definitely changing, but I haven't seen the scale really move in weeks.  In fact, I saw an old friend not too long ago and he commented on my weight loss.  Mind you I saw him back in October or roundabout, but I was in either an 8 or a 10 back then.  I've only lost 10 maybe at most 15 pounds since then.  And my eating... well... it really hasn't been the best.  I've gotten to the point that while I do want to lose these last pounds, my ultimate goal and focus right now is centered around training and I need to eat enough to fuel the kind of working out I've been doing.  So while I've been  tracking and counting calories for the most parts, there have been a couple days that I just didn't bother counting (ie: Friday, when I ran 12.5 miles), though I still try to focus on eating healthfully.  I love knowing that I've eaten a healthy meal full of fiber and protein and that I've picked the best options.  I actually feel icky if I don't eat enough vegetables and protein, therefore fitting them into my diet still isn't an issue for me when I don't see the numbers.  

Another situation that I'm having difficulties with is finding a happy medium on the pace of my Zumba class.  I know it's only been two classes so I'm not too worried yet.  But while my first class was primarily Zumba newbies, Monday's class was mostly seasoned Zumba enthusiasts.  In anticipation for a class full of new Zumba-ees, I had dropped my class down a bit by switching some of my higher paced songs to slower songs.  Apparently this did not suite well with some of my participants.  Now this part is a long story, so I'll summarize the conversation.  Basically a guy at the front desk very rudely told me that I had "a lot of complaints"; after digging, it came out that a couple (or few, I can't remember exactly how he phrased it) asked if the class was going to get any harder.  To me that has a helluva lot of a different meaning than "you have a lot of complaints".  Anyway, I digress about that particular aspect of the situation, perhaps I misunderstood his intent (me guilty of being hypersensitive? Never!! *note sarcasm here*).  I had a class of about 20 people, and it appeared to me that most of them were having fun, so I shall not stress too much about this.  I will rearrange my list (again!!!), and add a couple of my faster songs back on there and take off a couple of the slower songs.  I also intend to be a lot more communicative with my class and to let them know that I encourage feedback and will do my best to accommodate the class to try and reach a happy medium for everyone.  I will let them know that I'm new and that trying to find a good pace for a class is entirely new grounds for me, but that it will get better!  I sympathize all the more with my instructors now.  I remember all the times I was so frustrated because I didn't feel like the class was as fast as I needed and now I realize it was ten times worse for the instructor trying to figure out how to make the class happy!  In the past months I've realized that it must be harder on the instructors than it looks, but actually experiencing it has really opened my eyes.  Anyhoo, I just got back from a Thunders game and I'm ready to go pass out!   It was an awesome game, I hesitated when my awesome friend, Fida, asked if I wanted to go (because I've been so tired lately), but I sure am glad I did!  I had a blast and it was pretty close game, very exciting!  Go Thunders!

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