Friday, March 2, 2012

First Zumba Class

I had initially made this post a part of my next blog post "12.5 Miles and Running Revived!", but it got so long that I decided to split it up into two entries.  On this post, I'll give you guys a summary of how my first Zumba class went, and on the next post I'll go into new developments involving running. Monday evening, I got to the gym about 15 minutes before it was time to start and noticed a few women standing around outside the group exercise room. I thought, "Great, at least I have a few students here!". I rushed to the ladies room and returned and there were now about 10 women standing around. I quickly invited everyone in and got my iPod ready to go. The director came over to show me how to use the stereo equipment and by the time I turned around the class looked fairly full, there were 20 ladies present! I asked the class who was new to Zumba and thanked God when about 75% of the girls raised their hands! I grinned and said "Great, I'm pretty new to instructing!" I proceeded to tell them that I had some experience in other classes, but that this was my first class of my own and that we would grow together!... Or something along those lines. I trembled a bit as I looked out at this group and then I got started, and had a blast! I just tried to enjoy the Zumba and focus on that and doing it to where everyone could see what I was doing. I focused on being less bouncy and more clear on my movements, and genuinely having fun so my smile would not look fake. I was so much less nervous than I had been teaching songs in other instructor's classes; I think the fresh faces definitely helped! One of my instructors made it for the majority of the class and another came in near the end and it meant so much to me to again have some of my mentors show up to show their support! Their verdict was that I did well and did not appear nearly as nervous as I had before. I had their approval! w00t! It helped to have one of my instructors there to look at the couple times I froze/fumbled. After getting my first class over with, I could definitely tell how things will get easier and go smoother the more I teach. The 25% of the class that did not raise their hands very obviously had Zumba experience, and a couple of them were rude enough to do everything their own way and to completely ignore the way I was showing them. But that's okay, I've seen it before, and I'm not innocent of being completely free of Zumba snootiness. Yes, I have been cured of that disease and I figure they will too, or they will move on to someone they enjoy better. I do not think I've ever been that bad, but whatever, I'm really not worried about them. I'm excited to see how my newbies get better and turn into Zumba-lovers! Two ladies that obviously had Zumba experience made a point to visit with me after class and compliment me about my class, my style and the level of workout they received, that pretty much made my day along with the positive report from my Zumba mentors. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well the class went and I cannot wait to make this class truly my own!

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