Monday, March 12, 2012

Jack Rector Beacon 25k Run

Saturday ended up being a decent day.  I woke up around 6:00 and tried to go back to sleep for another 30 minutes when my alarm would go off, but I finally gave in and rose around 6:15.  I hurriedly got ready and even put makeup on, I think that I discovered that a nervous tic I have is to stick to routine when I get to feeling anxious.  I only ever wear eyeliner so it's not like I dolled up or anything, I just never put makeup on when I'm going to straight to work out, particularly on race days.  I sat and drank coffee and ate a rather large breakfast a little over an hour before the race started.  I had a bagel thin with Weight Watchers cream cheese, and a half a cup of Fiber One cereal with half a banana and almond milk;  I think I ate too much out of nervousness.  I was full, not necessarily uncomfortably so, I just tend to usually eat very lightly before a run.   
     My SIL cancelled on me Friday night, she had a situation, but my coworker and I met up before the race and started off together for maybe the first 5 minutes; then he took off!  I wore my winter gear running clothes which turned out to be perfect with the wind, I sweat so much I would have been freezing without my winter gear.  The pockets really came in handy, too; I had room to stuff 5 Gu packets in my pockets, chap stick, tissues, gum, my phone and my IPod.  I had my electronics in Ziploc baggies in case of rain.  I felt heavy duty and hardcore.  I looked, on the other hand,  like a stuffed chipmunk.  ;)  They had water stations every 2.5 miles with a porta-pottie, which was just about perfect for me.  I took my first Gu around mile 4 or so.   I'm pretty sure I kept at a 9.5 min/mile pace the first  7 miles of the run, then right before the turn-around I really started slowing down.  Once we were running right beside the lake the wind started blowing against us, and then on the way back the wind was really blowing against us!  I thought surely since we were running against the wind on the way up that it would be working for us on the way back; this was not the case.  I drank water or Gatorade at every station I came across, the last thing I wanted was to dehydrate, but I ate my second Gu around mile 7.5-8 and my stomach started aching pretty strongly, so I opted not to eat any more of them and to just pick Gatorade at the rest of the drink stops.  Shortly after that, I started getting a somewhat sharp pain in the top of my left thigh, my left knee started hurting too (it's my bad knee, no surprise there), but luckily my feet did well pretty much the entire time.  I had to pee from mile 5 and finally caved at mile 10; the combined aches were getting to me and something had to give.  Besides that quick stop and the couple paces I walked through the water stations, I ran the entire time.  I think around mile 11 the sharpness in my thigh wore off and the pain in my knee dulled.  Around km 22, I really started getting that "man, I'm getting  close, when the hell am I going to be done" mentality.  Around km 23 I got about a minute of adrenaline and energy that rushed through me and by km 24 I was dragging again.  The last little bit of the run was ridiculously slow, and whoever planned it out was fucked.  I mean, I guess whoever did it may have just found no other way to make it exactly 25 km without doing it the way they did.  However, when you have to run past the finish line twice with less than a mile left of and every step literally hurts your legs, your stomach and your knee, and you're really wanting to just stand still if only for a minute, but the knowledge that you're so close is pushing you forward, then that particular choice in route is just torturous.  My chip time ended up being 2:39 and some seconds (I can't remember the exact amount), making my average mile time 10.25 minutes.  My coworker passed me around mile 6.5 or so, and finished in 2:27 or 2:28 or something like that, so I felt like I did really well for a race that I really had not trained for.  He usually runs quite a bit faster than me, but he has not been training either, so we were kind of in the same boat.  At the end of it all we were both just really glad to have finished.
See how glad?
Okay, really, we were glad.
And we have proof that we did indeed finish:

Mark was waiting for me at the finish line with the camera, he could not get a good shot of me because of a man running beside me, I slowed for about a pace while I made the split decision to say screw it, I don't want a running shot, I want to be done!  So he got a shot of me right afterwards.

Then we found my buddy and celebrated the survival of the past 2.5+ hours.  And Mark's sister called me about 6 minutes after the finish line and we had a mini phone celebration.  My stomach was killing me at this point and my coworker was not feeling too well, either, so we opted out of food and drinks afterwards. 
I  went straight home to get in a bath with two Aleve and a very mild muscle relaxer.  When I got out of the bath, I got dressed in pajamas and Mark had a Blue Moon ready for me with an orange slice. 

I was home by noon probably and my stomach hurt up until about 5:00, at which point I became ravished.  All afternoon we hung out watching movies and sipping on beer.  My stomach's pain had been hovering but when the pain finally stopped and the hunger began it was like I had not eaten in days.  So we went to a great joint right down the street to pick up a to go order where I got a bacon cheeseburger, broccoli salad and fried green beans (I definitely should have taken a picture!).  I ate almost the entire thing and I was stuffed!  I was also satiated.  I continued drinking beer and watching movies until about 10:00 at which point I had finally dozed off on the couch and decided that a nice comfy bed sounded fabulous.  And that was my Saturday!  Very exciting and fulfilling!

I'm also kinda convinced that  I want to run a full in November.  But we'll talk about that later after the 10k and half marathon that I plan to do in April.  :)


  1. CONGRATS LEALAH! I love the pic of you with your medal and your beer... NICE ;)

    1. Thank you, Katie! That picture made 15.5 miles worth it!