Friday, March 30, 2012

Still Breathing!

I know, I know, it's been forever since I've posted a blog and I'm truly sorry to my loyal readers!  It really has been a hell of a week, well and weekend before that.  I started last Friday off well, making an all time PR  running 4.23 miles in 38 minutes ending up with an average of sub 9 minute miles!  I was shocked, but I really pushed myself (and paid later with knee pain  >.<).  Then I took all the kids to the library and then to get Subway for lunch to take a picnic to the dog park.

Bella had a blast, too, she was worn out after the excitement!

I spent last Friday night at the hospital with a loved one and then he was in and out of the hospital a couple days this week.  That has been a tremendous stress, but luckily it was not related to his more serious health problems as we had originally worried.  The situation will be resolved fairly soon we hope, and that stress has been eased for the time being.  After the hospital I had to finish cooking (we left midway through cooking dinner), then go home and decorate Isaac's birthday cake because we had his birthday planned for Saturday.  I think I got to bed close to 4:00 am.  I then got up around 7:30 to finish party preparations.  We picked up some friends and took the kiddos to play laser tag and they had a blast.  They played arcade games and ate pizza and cake and it was an all around enjoyable event.  I was so thankful when everything was done and over with and we could go home so I could relax.  Until I realized we were bringing a friend home to spend the night and that we were taking the boys to see "The Hunger Games" at 10:00 pm.  So much for the early night!  I was, by the way, super excited to see this movie, but I was so severely disappointed in the movie that I am currently listening to the book again to revive my soul from the sensation of absolute destruction of all things good that I experienced from seeing that movie.  They spent 2+ hours on the movie and did not even give a decent character development.  I'm not going to go any further with this because I just do not have the energy to put together a well formulated review.  Anyway, so after having my heart crushed I went home and passed out.  My knee pain probably started sometime on Saturday and I was too busy to notice at the time.  But by Sunday the pain was almost unbearable so I spent a good part of it with my knee propped up with an ice pack on it.  Towards the end of the day I did a bit of Zumba practice, but that did not last too long due to my knees, I ended up staying up way too late working on laundry and doing last minute Monday preparations.
Monday, I felt wrung out and world weary.  I made it through the day and made it through Zumba and ran by the store afterwards to pick up some glucosamine and a knee brace.  Tuesday I ended up leaving work early to check on my sick loved one and ended up taking a two hour nap along with getting some severely needed rest.  I skipped my workout for the night due to my knees.  I'm petrified of seriously injuring my knees and not being able to run again, so I have really been trying to go easy on my poor knees.  Mark got a raise and took me out for dinner and then for a few beers to celebrate.  I definitely needed a night out.  Wednesday I felt 10 times better after getting a couple hours of extra sleep and getting some time out time, but my knees were still pretty achy so I took another night off of working out.  Thursday again was better during the day and later that night I taught my Zumba class and attempted to run 2 miles on the treadmill afterwards, but threw in the towel after half a mile.  I figured best not to push myself too hard.  Today I got up and drank coffee and relaxed until noon.  Then I took off for my long run, I made it through 10.1 miles with an average of 10:23 per mile pace.  Not my best, but after breaking from running for a week, I was not too terribly upset with the pace.  My knees are pretty sore right now, but nothing like before!  My sister came over and we went grocery shopping and went to Academy.  I was looking for Zumba shoes and workout shirts with longer sleeves.  Either half or three quarter length sleeves to help me with my arm issues.  We left empty handed and only slightly bitter.  The next stop on the list was a thrift store because I'm needing some new clothes.  I feel like I've been wearing the same outfits over and over again.  But the one I intended to go to was shut down, bah another epic fail!  So basically I spent plenty of time driving around with good intentions, but accomplished very little today.  I got some awesome sister time, though, so I still consider it a successful and awesome day!  Mark took me for a ride on his bike this evening, it was lovely weather for it and a beautiful ride!  Then I came home and spent two hours cooking dinner.  I had my little tablet in the kitchen with me watching Netflix while I cooked; the perfect cooking situation!  I made a casserole with spinach, ground meat, rice, tomatoes, mushrooms and topped with feta and mozzarella, I can post half a recipe if anyone is interested, but I failed to measure.... well pretty much everything.  It was a success and I served it with freshly sliced cantaloupe and steamed broccoli, it was oh-so-yummy! 
So there was a summary of my week, now I'll get into some of the details.  For example, the fact that I was not working out or more specifically could not run in the midst of a shit stress storm was driving me mad all week long.  I have found that my most effective stress relief methods include working out or going for a run.  I learned that I have got to be careful and take proper care of my body because not being able to be physically active would kill me!  I have to admit, I really did not try when it came to the eating this week.  I ate healthy where I could, but I did not count anything or make any extra effort to eat in calorie deficit.  The scale reflected my attitude, too.  =/  I actually saw 135 at one point this week.  I almost flipped when I saw this, for 135 is my panic weight, the weight that I get serious about losing weight again when I hit it.  I did not drink water like I should, I kept forgetting to take my vitamins and I felt lazy and bloated.  But this morning I weighed in at 128.2!  I almost got to my knees and thanked God when I saw that.  I think a high sodium intake, beer on Tuesday, and the lack of water consumption combined is what the weight gain can be attributed to.  But right now, at this exact moment in time, I am completely satiated with my weight, my eating for the day, my run for the day and my water intake for the day.  Cheers to day one of getting back at it!  Now I'm going to relax and maybe ice my knees again for a little bit before hitting the sack!  Hopefully I'll have a blog post about less stressful things and more positive developments next time.  :)  Ttfn!

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