Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Rest Days in a Row, Whaaaa???!!

Yup, that's right, I took last  night off, too!  I felt mildly guilty Wednesday, but I felt really guilty last night.  Boo!  I think that is indicative that I'm becoming obsessed/addicted.  So I'm trying very desperately to squash that guilt.  Also, the fact that the scale has not changed has become a tad bit annoying.  I weighed in this morning and 130.2 is what it read.  >.<     Another bizarre thing:  my butt is getting bigger (my sister verified this!), yet my pants are looser than ever!  Even all my size 2s were pretty loose this week.  So I guess maybe my fat is redistributing?  My sister and I think that it's getting maybe rounder and perkier, so this could be a good thing.  I really don't understand how I can weigh 130 pounds and be in a size two, yet so it is.  Anyway, these matters are trivial at this point.

Last night I left work and stopped at my sister's on the way home to work on her laptop.  Then I went home and we took the kiddo out to Chili's for his birthday dinner.  His party is not for a few more weeks, but we wanted to do something special for him on his actual birthday... He's 14 now, yikes!  He's taller than me and lanky with braces and so cute in that gangly teenager way.  I keep thinking back to when I met him at age 8 and he was so tiny with these adorable chubby cheeks.  He was a lot smaller than the kids in his class and we wondered if that indicated that he would be short later on; I have the sneaking suspicion that he will not be vertically challenged after all.  Right now he's in oral surgery to get the rest of his baby teeth removed and another tooth that will cause him lots of problems in the near future if not removed.  Poor guy.  This is the first time he has been put under and I'm actually a bit nervous; I'm sure he will be fine though, he's perfectly healthy. 

When we leave here, we'll go fill his prescriptions, see how he feels and I told him I'd make him some mashed potatoes for lunch.  Then today I have a list of things I need to do to prepare for my race tomorrow.  I need to go pick up my race packet (and my SIL's), stop by a running store and maybe Academy to see if I can find a running belt (I somehow managed to break the one I have) and weatherproof running jacket in case it rains, get my playlist ready, run 2-3 miles to loosen up my joints and muscles, get a bag of clothes and supplies ready to go (ie: clean/dry clothes to wear after the run, GU, a towel, etc.).  I also need to make sure I have plenty of tape to tape up my feet tomorrow (my plantar fasciitis is still a nuisance).  I want to go ahead and clean the house and do laundry and such, because I am quite certain that cleaning house is the last thing I'll feel like  doing after my run.  I need to run by the grocery store to pick up a few items and I would like to see my dad, but he can't leave his house because he has people working on his bathroom.  I suppose I have quite the full day planned!  Luckily it's only 9:30 and I think I can knock most of that out pretty quickly. 

I was finished with this post, but I got interrupted by the nurse coming to let me know that they were done.  If you want to experience one of the most bizarre/hilarious experiences ever, then take your kid for any kind of procedure that requires them to drug him/her up.  I do not by any means condone teens doing drugs, but seeing the kiddo come off of the anesthesia was definitely a memorable experience!  I was cracking up and the nurse had to come in and tell him to calm down because there were other patients to consider, he was being so silly!  I don't think I've ever seen him be so goofy!  Anyway, I have lots to do!  Tomorrow, race and pictures!

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