Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oi, Oi, Oi!

Omygoodness!  Time just keeps flying.. and flying and flying!  I wish it would slow down!  I remember being younger and having what at the time seemed like old people tell me to appreciate life because time just goes by faster and faster.  Oh, how I wish I had paid attention to them.  If I could just figure out a way to make time stretch just a wee bit longer.  Not like "can't wait for school to let out" slow, but more like summer evening with a glass of wine on the porch kinda slow.  Anyway.  I've been doing great with my workouts.  I worked out everyday the week before last except for Tuesday.  Then last week I worked out Monday through Friday, I took the weekend off.  I shall post a picture of me rocking my new Social D shirt soon.  The concert was bad ass.  The Toadies rocked the house and of course Social Distortion was amazing!  We really had a blast.  I did all my typical workouts last week, but then I ran 3 miles in addition to teaching on Thursday, ran 5 miles on Friday, regular workout on Saturday and ran 8 miles on Sunday.  I feel great, too!  Maybe part of my lethargy was just depression in relation to not getting my full workouts in?  I got all my blood work back from the doctor and apparently I'm fit as a fiddle so I guess I just need to sleep more and make sure and get my workouts in.  Monday I ran 2.35 miles in addition to teaching my class and Tuesday I finally went back to my Body Pump class and took Zumba.  Body Pump was a blast!  I had so much fun, it's unreal how much fun you can have lifting weights.  And I love Amanda, she really is awesome and I so missed her class!  Zumba was fun, too, it's always refreshing to take someone else's class when I've gone through a spell of only teaching for a week or two.  Wednesday night I took Zumba, even got to unexpectedly do a song and of course I had a blast.  I intended to run 3 miles afterwards, but I got talking to my instructor/friend/mentor afterwards and then the women's locker room was closed and we were limited to the girls' locker room.  This would be fine except there are no dividers in the showers or any form of privacy at all, and I'm just not confidant enough to be butt ass naked in a room full of strangers, women or not.   I had a meeting after the gym and I did not want to show up all smelly after a run, so I opted out.  I got a great workout in anyway.  Thursday I only got about 12 minutes in on the elliptical before I taught my class because I had to meet with the Group Exercise Coordinator for a few.  Friday I ran 8 miles.  I figure if I stay consistent with one 8 miler a week until I actually start Marathon training then I should be efficient enough that adding mileage won't be too hard once I get started.  My foot has been okay, the ankle almost completely healed and the Plantar Fasciitis is easing so long as I do everything I'm supposed to.  My insurance denied me a foot splint to sleep in, something about my coverage not being applicable; so I'm left to get something on my own, hopefully they're not expensive.  As I said, I took the entire weekend off and my foot just almost feels back to normal now (although that's not why I took the weekend off :-P).  I felt a little guilty for skipping my workouts/runs for the weekend, so this morning I got up and ran/walked 2.63 miles.  I intended at least 3, but about 1.5 miles into it my stomach started cramping up and I had to really use the bathroom and I was fearful of an accident.  So I ended up running 1.5, then walking for awhile (maybe half a mile?  it's hard to tell when I'm walking) and running sprinting the last probably 3/4 of a mile.  For some reason, I seem to think the "always go to bathroom before a run" rule only applies to long ones.  I was reminded this morning that indeed it's a rule applicable to all runs.  Tonight I instructed my class and I handed out my blog address to a couple of ladies.

My class is going great!  I love seeing all my regular attendees every week and I think they're starting to warm up to me!  I've gotten to talking to a few of them and I'm glad I have such a great bunch to work with!  I have been trying to decide whether it would be appropriate to give them my blog information, because several have expressed interest in losing weight, I thought maybe it could help them.  I don't want to appear to be trying to "capitalize" on my students though, albeit it's not like I make any money blogging.  I finally just went for it tonight, it had come out to a few of my students that I had lost a large amount of weight and it seemed to encourage them.  I didn't say anything at first because I didn't want to walk in pluming my feathers per se, but I did want to let them know I wasn't just some skinny bitch that says "You can do it, you can do it, you can do it!",  but then really have no clue what it's like.  That's how I used to think about skinny girls.  Now, though, I realize that women of all sizes struggle with their weight and it's not necessarily an isolated issue.  And while someone that hasn't ever been severely overweight may not necessarily understand all the different problems and mental challenges that comes from being obese, s/he can still understand the battle of the bulge.  I have had several people tell me that I'm thin and I don't need to lose more weight, yet the battle is still there.  There are still those few pounds that I will fight to the death to get rid of and I think most women (and lots of men) can relate to that.  Anyway, I need to go eat dinner and get tomorrow's dinner in the crockpot and ready to go in the morning.  I'm making an Arabic green bean stew kinda deal.  It's basically steak, green beans, spices and tomatoes in a tomato sauce base.  It's soooooooo delicious, and I usually serve it over rice.  Oh, shit, I forgot I have three loads of laundry to fold, too.  Yuck!  Ttfn!


  1. Social D, awesome!

    I'm going to take my first Zumba class this week on Thursday and I'm SO nervous!!!

    1. Social D IS awesome! Right on, fellow fan! Don't be nervous! What I always tell my students is that the most important thing is to have fun first and foremost! That way you'll keep going and keep getting a workout in. The second is to keep moving, it's hard at first because you spend so much time trying to figure out what the hell the instructor is doing. But after a couple of classes you'll have it down! Have fun!

    2. Thanks for the advice! I think it is going to be really fun!