Monday, June 25, 2012

Tulsa Trip (and Color Run)

So the past couple of weeks have been busy, stressful and completely disarrayed.  But, I survived them!  I have not hardly run at all though, and I suppose that is really all I can complain/admit to not doing well at.  Last weekend I was running around from early morning to late night each day, what with Father's Day shopping (for my dad and for Mark) and then cooking Father's Day Brunch and we also bought a new bed! Then we also visited the in-laws and spent the rest of the day cleaning and rearranging our new bedroom furniture into our bedroom.  It was hectic and I did not work out once!  But I was on my feet the entire time, so I definitely felt the exhaustion.  Then I had a long week, my workouts went something like this:  Zumba, Zumba, Zumba, Body Pump, Zumba, Zumba, Body Pump, Zumba.  I was about Zumba-ed out!  So I truly enjoyed getting my long run in on Friday, 10 miles!  I then got to enjoy a yummy lunch with my dad and sister at Hummus Mediterranean cafe.

Saturday morning is where the real weekend fun began.  I had The Color Run scheduled for Saturday morning, and I had already begun to dread it since I had to get up so early to drive to Tulsa and since I was bailed on.  It was supposed to be a super hot day in Tulsa and I was sure the humidity would suck, too.  But I had paid money for it and I needed that post-race picture; plus, I had convinced Mark to come with me so we could find something to do in Tulsa afterwards.  I had packed a bag Friday night and had everything laid out since the plan was to be on the road by 5:30 am.  When I crawled out of bed the coffee was brewing and I quickly got ready.  I had to prompt Mark a few times before he rolled out of bed.  You have to tread with care when waking Mark up super early, he can be awfully grouchy when forced out of bed before light on the weekend!  Poor Bella was not at all happy to see us go, but she ran, got into bed with the kiddo, and promptly curled into a furry ball when I told her we were leaving.  We took the turnpike the entire way into Tulsa and the trip flew by relatively quick.  Mark slept in the backseat with his pillow and I had no problems keeping awake on my own.  As we started getting into town I tried waking Mark up numerous times, but he would not wake up!  Finally, I got him up a couple minutes before I found parking and had him drinking coffee, but I knew he wasn't quite there yet.  We found parking in an apartment complex about a third of a mile from the race start.  We started walking towards Veteran's Park (where the race was taking place) and I could tell Mark was having some waking up issues, so I told him to go back to the truck and just meet me at finish.  After I assured him that it was no big deal and that I would not at all be mad, he went back the way we came and I jogged to the park.  I was concerned about getting there on time because I still had to pick up my packet, but once I got there I realized I had plenty of time and that there were hardly any lines at the packet pick up or at the porta potties either one.  So I got my packet and got ready when I realized they didn't have a check in.  This annoyed me, I had just assumed that an event that big and expensive would definitely have a check in.  It was only a 5k, however, so I figured it wouldn't be too much of a pain to hang onto my stuff for the next 30 minutes or so.  I got into the crowd at the race start and stood around for awhile when I realized the waves were taking a really long time to get back to me.  I started hopping around to try and see where the start line was and saw that I was probably close to a quarter of a mile back and the crowd was not moving noticeably for long periods of time.  So I started pushing my way through the crowd to try and get closer to the front.  At this point I just wanted to get it done, I figured it wouldn't be the ultimate color run experience since I would be running it alone, so I was ready to get on about my business.  Finally somewhere between 8:30 and 8:40, I got into a wave that was allowed to start!  (Waves started at 8:00!)  And we were off.  It was a fun experience, and I know the run was for fun and not speed, but I was annoyed because the walkers would walk all the way across.  I kept having to run up on the grass and in between people coming from the opposite direction to get around them.  I don't have anything against walkers, but a little consideration and leaving maybe a two person width gap for runners would have been much appreciated!  Everyone walked through the color throws and many people laid down in the middle of the road and rolled around in the color, it was a very fun atmosphere!  The air was thick and sticky.  It wasn't very warm yet really, but the humidity was horrible.  I finished up around 9:10 and opted out of the color finish party, I was ready to find Mark and enjoy the rest of the day.  I jogged back the way I came from and met Mark at the apartments we had parked in earlier, I didn't mind him not being at Finish, the reason I wanted him to come along in the first place was to explore Tulsa post-race.  And to get my post race pictures, of course ;):

The truck's windows are heavily tinted and the apartments were pretty quiet and empty, so I had Mark hold up a towel for me while I changed and cleaned up in the parking lot.  I had brought a wash cloth and water and such and actually did a decent job of cleaning up considering the conditions.  I finished up in the truck while we started to drive around and figure out what we were going to do.  Mark used to live in Tulsa so there were a few things he wanted to do; that, combined with a few things I had done research about and wanted to do left us with a full plate!  First Mark showed me where he used to live, then we went to visit the Center of the Universe.  This phenomena is a tad tricky to explain, but it's a part of the detour on the marathon course I plan to do in November (I will post an official blog about this soon!), so I was excited to check it out.  One stands on the cement circle and when speaking can hear one's voice reverberate, it's super cool!  Then we drove around downtown looking for a hotel that is bizarrely narrow from a certain angle.  We never did find that hotel.  We decided on lunch at Cherry Street somewhere and parked a block away because the street was blocked off for farmer's market.  We wandered around that for a bit, but they were just starting to wrap things up so it looked like we missed the best of it.  After walking up and down Cherry Street, we ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant that was SO good!  I got the brisket tacos with avocado salad and what I think what was cilantro rice.  I definitely would like to eat here again when we go back to Tulsa!

Everything was amazing (the Queso Blanco - to die for) and somehow I managed to stop before I became an overstuffed turkey.  After that we decided to do a bit of random exploration before we decided on picking our next stop.  After driving around a bit we saw a sign for the Tulsa Garden Center which just happened to be on my list, so we stopped there.  We walked all over the grounds and saw so many pretty flowers and plants.  We got a few good pictures.  This is the entry garden upon arrival:

Some of the prettier flowers:

Mark demanded to be cropped out of this one because he looked a bit grumpy:

And here's take two:

And deeper into the gardens:

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the gardens, and Mark actually did, too!  After the gardens we saw a sign indicating that the Philbrook Museum was near by, so we ventured there.  This place blew my mind.  It was so massive and luxurious, I could never imagine living in a place like that.
Love the columns!

One of my favorite displays.

The other wall.

There were beautiful high ceilings throughout, love the skylight here!


And the outside grounds were so beautiful and sprawling, I wish I had taken more pictures, it truly was an experience to remember!
The view from the back patio, note the gazebo at the end.

View of the house from the gazebo.
After the museum expedition, we were parched and baked, so we decided a frozen drink was just what the doctor ordered.  We found a Mexican restaurant/tequila bar and each ordered one of these:

We left the facility feeling quite cool, indeed!  Then we drove around downtown a bit more looking for the illusive hotel.  Mark used to go to this shop called Starship Records so we went about finding the place to drop in and take a look around.  Mark went through every record they had and ended up finding one of his favorite bands.  And I found this:
I just couldn't resist, where else would you find a boobie cake pan???  They also had boobie cupcake pans, but somehow that just seemed over the top.  :-P  I'm just hoping he forgets about it before his birthday so I can surprise him with a boobie birthday cake!  Tee-hee!  After leaving the shop, the sweltering heat drove us into another bar where we enjoyed a couple more margaritas (this one actually had Skinny Margaritas!!).   At this point we were ready to head home, we needed to feed the kiddo at home and I was ready for a shower to wash the sweat and sun off.  We stopped for gas and drinks and  then headed out of town!  The projected home arrival time was 7:45, so we opted for Louie's for dinner; that way we could order it and pick it up on the way home.  The boys got bacon cheeseburgers and I got a turkey burger with fried green beans.  I think I would have been happier and felt better if I had ordered a salad, but it was delicious all the same.  

Yesterday I spent the morning relaxing and watching Heroes on Netflix, then I started cleaning and went grocery shopping.  After grocery shopping I came home and worked on laundry and getting tonight's dinner ready:  ham and beans with cornbread muffins and spinach.  I'm not a ham and beans kinda gal, but a lady at work had brought some up and I really enjoyed it so I thought I'd try and recreate what she had made.  (She refused her recipe.... the best cooks do! :-P)   I then cooked dinner and did some more cleaning and finished up the laundry, I ended up in bed by 11, w00t w00t!  Now I'm off to relax for the rest of the evening.  Today was decent and both of my Zumba classes went well, but it was still a Monday and I'm puttered out!  In fact, I'd say my evening class went really awesome, I had nearly 20 people and everyone had a really good time from what I could tell.  They even clapped at the end of class!  I really enjoyed tonight's class and I think most of my students did, too; it was the perfect capper for a Monday.  Anyhoo, I'm off to sleep!  Ttfn!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SP 3rd Blog - April 04, 2010

I cannot seem to get my posts written, so this morning I woke up early to write one before work.  The past week has been fairly uneventful.  I did all my routine workouts.  My double time Wednesday went smoothly, and I was even told that my new class likes me!  So, yay!  Then I ran 10 miles on Friday and 7.7 miles on Sunday.   Last night I had a fabulous Body Pump class.  I upped my weight on pretty much everything (except squats and lunges because of my poor knees :(((  ) and was struggling through the entire class.  It was awesome!  Then I killed the elliptical for an hour.  ;)  I've been eating healthfully and I think I'm starting to see results again.  A friend that works at the Y I instruct at even said it looked as though I've lost some weight!  So w00t w00t!  Yes, that's two w00ts because I'm doubly excited!  ;)  I've been tired, but I know why, so meh.  Today I've actually felt pretty energetic thus far, then again I've started trying to hit the sack by 10:30 so I think that helps. I do regret that I cannot seem to get more blog posts out more often, but by the time I actually get to sit down and relax for a little bit (around 9:00-10:00 pm) the last thing I want to do is think. Oooh and on Saturday I went to the thrift store and bought a bunch of new stuff!  Surprisingly almost everything I bought looked brand new.  I live in a wealthy city and I'm sure that a lot of the clothes are a product of rich women either changing their mind about liking something or just never wearing it before they clean out their closet (some of the stuff even had tags on them!).  I've been thrift store shopping for the past 2+ years and I have to say I think I'm addicted.  I'm quite the bargain shopper and I think coming out of a store after spending $55 with a dress, 3 skirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 7-8 tops and a pair of shoes is about as awesome as it gets.  I bought my first pair of size 2 jeans, so now I finally have a pair of jeans that fit properly!  And I also bought a size 0 pair of jeans and a size 0 skirt.  They were both half off so about $1.70 each and I just couldn't pass it up.  The size 0 jeans fit with about an inch to an inch and half to button and the skirt was just too damn cute to pass up, especially at $1.70.  I now have my "goal" jeans hanging on the back of my door so every morning as I get ready I have them to look at, it's good motivation.  I can afford to shop at other places but I've come to realize it's just a preference for me, I get a rush off of saving money.   Not to mention I still hope to lose a little bit more weight so I don't want to drop too much money before reaching my "goal".   That's about all as far as my weekly recap goes, so I decided to go ahead and post another old blog from Sparkpeople.  This one makes me smile to see how far I've come since then!  *Edit*  Oh, and I have received several compliments about my outfit today (particularly the blouse), so below is a picture of me in my new size 2 jeans and new top!

wow - I jogged!!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

So, two nights in a row I jogged!!! I've been walking so fast on the treadmill that I thought man I just feel like running!!! But I never did, I was afraid I'd look stupid or embarrass myself; two nights in a row I would jog then speed walk, jog then speed walk, I averaged at 12 min/mile and then 10.74 the next night!! Wow I never thought I'd see myself here, and I checked my blood pressure today.... 111/74 and pulse of 77! Holy snikies!!! I'm rocking it man! emoticon

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Double Time Monday

First, a weekend recap.  Friday I ate well all day.  I ran 7.63 miles instead of 8 because I ran out of time and had to rush over to the blood bank for my platelet donation.  This was a wasted effort, however, because once I got there I realized I forgot my wallet at the office and didn't have a photo ID on me.  Blah!  Their fingerprint scanner wasn't working so I ended up just leaving.  I used the extra time to spend time with my two little sisters.  We went to eat at Earl's Rib Palace (or something along those lines) where we all got either grilled chicken or smoked turkey sandwiches on wheat buns.  I got a side salad with mine and stole a couple of curly fries from my littlest sister and I left the restaurant feeling fairly guilt-free.   That night we went to go see Sublime.   It was a great show and I had a ton of fun.  There were several opening bands, but the only one that I thought was any good is The Dirty Heads; they were actually pretty awesome. My only bitch is that I was freezing my ass off and that they did not play  "Waiting for my Ruca", but I can hardly expect them to, so begrudged I am not.  The new lead singer has my vote of approval, too.  I didn't eat before we left since we (my sisters and I) had a late lunch and I'm typically hungry when we get home late from doing something, so I saved me a plate to heat up after the concert.  Saturday morning I got up and hit the gym for Zumba.  My friend Fida requested that I do a couple songs since she was teaching so I did so and then after class we spent a couple hours chatting and practicing Zumba.  In all, I spent about 3 hours at the gym and enjoyed the whole time!  We may have chatted more than practiced, but either way I burned plenty of calories for the day.  When I got home I ate lunch and then Mark and I spent the afternoon running errands on the bike.  Sunday was a fairly lazy day, I did some housework, grocery shopping and then my dad and all my siblings came over and we made homemade pizza and salad for dinner.  It was delicious!  I think my favorite would be the vegetarian.  We put onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, spinach and pepperoncinis on it and it was omg good!

Now to Double Time Monday.  I just realized that I never wrote about the offer I got to take over another Zumba class.  It's Monday and Wednesday afternoons for a small business  and it's only a half hour class.  The kicker?  I get paid for a full hour class, w00t w00t!  An extra hour of exercise a week for two hours pay?  Uh, yes please!  So Monday was my first day to do this.  I was a bit nervous because I currently work four 10 hour days and trying to fit in the time to leave for 45 minutes could be tricky and I was worried about getting there, cleaning up and returning to work in the most efficient manner.  Monday went by really smoothly though!  I got to work an hour early to adjust the timing.  I left work extra early since it was my first class, got to the business' gym and got class started right on time.  I had two new girls in class and they both left early, so I was a tad let down, but a man that was standing by them said that one said her foot started hurting.  The class flew by!  One minute I was warming them up and the next class was over, it was crazy!  I think  the remainder of the class had a good time, I did of course.  ;)    One woman in particular made a point to come up to me and introduce herself and thank me after class, so I think I can count on at least one student to stick around.  But the gist of it is this:  there is no point in stressing or taking any of it personally, it is what it is and people will hopefully enjoy my class, if not, meh, I tried.  Anyway, after I quickly showered and changed, I got back to the office in almost exactly an hour.  This place is a less than five minute drive from work, so it's a perfect fit!  I worked the remainder of the afternoon and went straight to my next class from work.  I had a good sized group Monday night, and several new people there, as well.  I had one of them leave because she said her knee started hurting.  I'm thinking that maybe I need to turn my class down a notch...  I suppose it could be a coincidence, and I did tell each class beforehand that I like to give the example of higher impact and let people adjust the class to their own level.  I even showed them how to step while I was jumping so they would know what I meant.  So I'm not sure.  My theory is it's easier for people to do something lower than what I'm doing than for me to be lower and them try to push higher to get what they want out of it.  I learned Zumba with a really awesome, fast, high impact instructor and am so grateful to have learned with her.  Almost every Zumba class I went to after that seemed easy and I truly don't think I would have become a Zumba instructor without her influence.  Anyway, I'm getting off track!  My point is, I feel that I'm better for having started with the instructor I started with and I want to offer my best to my students.  We'll see how things go though.  Anyway, tomorrow is Wednesday, which means it's my second day teaching in the afternoon!  So here's to another smooth class and hopefully a happy hump day!  Now I'm off to get my gym bag ready for another double time workout day!