Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Double Time Monday

First, a weekend recap.  Friday I ate well all day.  I ran 7.63 miles instead of 8 because I ran out of time and had to rush over to the blood bank for my platelet donation.  This was a wasted effort, however, because once I got there I realized I forgot my wallet at the office and didn't have a photo ID on me.  Blah!  Their fingerprint scanner wasn't working so I ended up just leaving.  I used the extra time to spend time with my two little sisters.  We went to eat at Earl's Rib Palace (or something along those lines) where we all got either grilled chicken or smoked turkey sandwiches on wheat buns.  I got a side salad with mine and stole a couple of curly fries from my littlest sister and I left the restaurant feeling fairly guilt-free.   That night we went to go see Sublime.   It was a great show and I had a ton of fun.  There were several opening bands, but the only one that I thought was any good is The Dirty Heads; they were actually pretty awesome. My only bitch is that I was freezing my ass off and that they did not play  "Waiting for my Ruca", but I can hardly expect them to, so begrudged I am not.  The new lead singer has my vote of approval, too.  I didn't eat before we left since we (my sisters and I) had a late lunch and I'm typically hungry when we get home late from doing something, so I saved me a plate to heat up after the concert.  Saturday morning I got up and hit the gym for Zumba.  My friend Fida requested that I do a couple songs since she was teaching so I did so and then after class we spent a couple hours chatting and practicing Zumba.  In all, I spent about 3 hours at the gym and enjoyed the whole time!  We may have chatted more than practiced, but either way I burned plenty of calories for the day.  When I got home I ate lunch and then Mark and I spent the afternoon running errands on the bike.  Sunday was a fairly lazy day, I did some housework, grocery shopping and then my dad and all my siblings came over and we made homemade pizza and salad for dinner.  It was delicious!  I think my favorite would be the vegetarian.  We put onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, spinach and pepperoncinis on it and it was omg good!

Now to Double Time Monday.  I just realized that I never wrote about the offer I got to take over another Zumba class.  It's Monday and Wednesday afternoons for a small business  and it's only a half hour class.  The kicker?  I get paid for a full hour class, w00t w00t!  An extra hour of exercise a week for two hours pay?  Uh, yes please!  So Monday was my first day to do this.  I was a bit nervous because I currently work four 10 hour days and trying to fit in the time to leave for 45 minutes could be tricky and I was worried about getting there, cleaning up and returning to work in the most efficient manner.  Monday went by really smoothly though!  I got to work an hour early to adjust the timing.  I left work extra early since it was my first class, got to the business' gym and got class started right on time.  I had two new girls in class and they both left early, so I was a tad let down, but a man that was standing by them said that one said her foot started hurting.  The class flew by!  One minute I was warming them up and the next class was over, it was crazy!  I think  the remainder of the class had a good time, I did of course.  ;)    One woman in particular made a point to come up to me and introduce herself and thank me after class, so I think I can count on at least one student to stick around.  But the gist of it is this:  there is no point in stressing or taking any of it personally, it is what it is and people will hopefully enjoy my class, if not, meh, I tried.  Anyway, after I quickly showered and changed, I got back to the office in almost exactly an hour.  This place is a less than five minute drive from work, so it's a perfect fit!  I worked the remainder of the afternoon and went straight to my next class from work.  I had a good sized group Monday night, and several new people there, as well.  I had one of them leave because she said her knee started hurting.  I'm thinking that maybe I need to turn my class down a notch...  I suppose it could be a coincidence, and I did tell each class beforehand that I like to give the example of higher impact and let people adjust the class to their own level.  I even showed them how to step while I was jumping so they would know what I meant.  So I'm not sure.  My theory is it's easier for people to do something lower than what I'm doing than for me to be lower and them try to push higher to get what they want out of it.  I learned Zumba with a really awesome, fast, high impact instructor and am so grateful to have learned with her.  Almost every Zumba class I went to after that seemed easy and I truly don't think I would have become a Zumba instructor without her influence.  Anyway, I'm getting off track!  My point is, I feel that I'm better for having started with the instructor I started with and I want to offer my best to my students.  We'll see how things go though.  Anyway, tomorrow is Wednesday, which means it's my second day teaching in the afternoon!  So here's to another smooth class and hopefully a happy hump day!  Now I'm off to get my gym bag ready for another double time workout day!

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