Monday, July 9, 2012

SP Blog 4/11/2010

Life has been crazy as ever, now I'm in the midst of car shopping, birthdays, holidays!  I've been doing deep cleanings of the house.  One of the more tedious days involved sorting through a massive pile of old paperwork which led me to the discovery of this:

This was sent to the shredder seen in the background.  I'm not sure why I hung onto it for so long, or if perhaps it got shoved off behind something else, but it felt freeing to shred it.  

Last week we had dinner with my dad for his birthday.  We went for Mexican, which of course means I had to get one of my favorites: 
Sangria Swirled Margarita
Those never get old, and yes I have an affinity for frozen drinks, what of it?  For my meal I ordered a taco salad with chicken fajita meat and Spanish rice instead of the shell.  I feel like it was a relatively healthy choice considering we were at a Mexican restaurant. 

We had a lovely time. 

For the fourth we grilled and then went out to the country to shoot off an assload of fireworks, we had a blast! 

I worked out everyday even though I was off work most of the week, I ran 8 miles on Wednesday morning and I'm pretty sure I almost suffered from a heat stroke since I waited until it was kind of late before I headed out.  It was somewhere in the mid 90s when I got home and I felt really sick and I was sweating what tasted like water (an indication that I needed sodium) and then when I got home and sat on the porch I started getting goosebumps.  It was a tad scary, I plan to carry water on me from now on and (I know I keep saying this, but) I'm going to get off my butt and leave the house early from now on!  I know I was running in hot weather last year, but I think the difference was that I was running a lot shorter distances this time last year, like I believe a mile or two.  I did not run my first 5k until August 2011. 

The past week/weekend I have spent most of my spare time  car hunting, I am currently using our spare POS car until we find one.  I'm not all too bothered about driving it though, I'm thankful we have a "spare" for me to drive.  With that in mind, I have not rushed into buying anything, I do not want to get screwed and I feel like I have plenty of time to be picky so it will probably be a long, drawn out process; and I am totally okay with that.  So if you see me scooting around town in a dumpy beat up Chevy, do not feel bad for me, it's of my own preference.  No one got anywhere in life without a bit of hardship.

Speaking of hardship, I've been worn out... I really have tried to wrap my head around how people do everything they do...  Between work, working out (my personal work outs), teaching Zumba, feeding the family, doing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and all the other random errands/chores that come up, I find it SO hard to make time to blog.  I know it sounds like I am full of excuses, but really?  I get very little time to just do nothing, or to do things I want to do.  Ie: read a book, watch a movie, etc., etc. I miss reading a book.  Not ebooks or audio books, a plain old fashioned book with paper pages and that old musty smell of wisdom and adventure. This is one reason I like going to donate platelets:  besides the obvious giving something back to the community sentiment, it's the one time I do not feel at all guilty for sitting still for two hours.  Speaking of, I will only donate 1-2 more times before Marathon training begins!  eek!  (I still owe you all a Marathon post, believe me, it's coming!)

The following  blog post is one I wrote about two months into my journey.  It's actually a bit coincidental, because I just got done fighting the bloat and feeling like a whale for the past week and sure enough it's still an issue.  I guess it can't all be sunshine and roses.  Meh.  Here ya go:

Patience = Rewards


Sunday, April 11, 2010

So, life has been good. I figured out what's been wrong with me... I haven't been eating enough!! Blah! I need to remember to be patient. It took a bit to gain this weight, it's going to take a bit to lose it! I had a scare with weight gain, course it was my time, but I thought man there is NO way I gain 7 lbs in water every month. Sure enough though, the day after I quite, I was not 7 lbs lighter again.... no, I was 12!!! So, I found out I lost another 5 lbs, so exciting!! So now I'm going to call my doctor and see what can be done about that once a month weight gain, because I got really depressed and it can be distracting when you're on a mission to lose weight when your monthly visitor comes by and throws a fist in your face... Course I know I prolly could cut back on the salt, too, so I'm going to be trying that and I really need to up my water intake, I've been hovering about 7 cups a day, and I really want at LEAST 8 if not 9 everyday... Baby steps though, baby steps! Keep rocking it my fellow spark people!


  1. There are just not enough hours in the day! I can relate to both that and the monthly weight gain!

    1. There truly are not! One of these days I'll just train myself to not sleep!