Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Relief

Suddenly my stress level has plummeted. On Sunday I bought a car. I had no idea how stressed I have been about my transportation situation. Let me intercept with a little bit of history here. To make a long story short, let's just say due to events out of my control, I have been limited to driving POS cars for the past several years. I had been driving my Camry, albeit totaled with the driver's side rear corner smashed in, it at least had AC. Then that died and I switched to our backup Cavalier, this vehicle has no AC. Oklahoma heat is exhausting, I literally would start to nod off driving to my Zumba class in the evenings after work. It was a bit terrifying. Anyway, I had a settlement check for a wreck I was in and some money in savings to supplement it, and started vigorously searching for a car. I cannot even count how many cars we have looked at in the past month. My favorite was the Mazda Miata we looked at, but it had a couple of oil leaks so we passed on that one. Then on Sunday I was searching through ads and came across this:

Something in me told me that this was The One. I had a feeling that my search was over, I immediately emailed the man and asked if he was available to show the car that same afternoon and he was. I ended up driving that baby home. And I love it. Wait, hold on, I don't love it. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it. I have since been driving my Civic since Monday and I love it more everyday. So there's one headache out of the way.

Something else that has been weighing on me is the state of my house. While the affect of a messy house on my mental health is not apparent, I feel so much lighter when my house is clean. So this weekend I did a ton of cleaning out and reorganizing. I even got the boys to help a bit! We bought some new curtains and hung them in the living room, some in our bedroom and the kiddo's, as well. It looks so much nicer now, the clutter is damn near eliminated. This coming weekend we're going to tackle the office and maybe do a bit of reorganizing in the shed.

This past weekend I ran 13.5 miles on my training plan; that combined with working 4.5 hours on Saturday, the cleaning, shopping, laundry, reorganizing and car shopping made for a full weekend. By Monday morning, I was beat! I think I even turned off the alarm clock in my sleep I was so tired!  =/  I was terrified of getting Mark in trouble with his work, but luckily he was spared. :-P  I have also started working Fridays at Mark's shop to help out with some work they are behind on. I really enjoy the work - the busyness of it and the number crunching, logic, and organization the job requires is right up my alley. I think if ever given the opportunity, I would make a killer businesswoman. I will be putting the extra money I make into savings towards my school/house fund. Even after such a hectic, tiresome weekend, I found myself in a much better mood come Monday morning. I found that I actually felt pleasant! Imagine that! The sourness I had been carrying around inside me suddenly dissipated and I felt semi-normal for the first time in weeks/months(?). It's amazing what a little stress relief will do for you!

The past couple of weeks have been nonstop. Between teaching Zumba, working 50+ hours a week, marathon training, car shopping and household keeping, I have been lucky to find time to breathe. I am up to 13.5 miles in marathon training, on week three. I am starting to get my runner's legs back, the short and mid-length runs are getting easier and easier and I am starting to remember why I love to run. My weight has been hovering around 130. It dips below here and there and then I screw up and it bounces back to 130. Meh. All my clothes fit and I only feel a bit "fluffy", not fat, so I will get through this. I know part of my problem is that I have not been keeping up with Body Pump. If something has to give it's my Wednesday night Zumba class and/or Body Pump and here lately I have been missing out! Last night, however, was a lovely workout night! I got in a good hard Body Pump class and then hit the treadmill for 6.25 miles. I felt glorious and well-used afterwards. I am definitely feeling the soreness today! My chest, shoulders, glutes and thighs (especially these!!!!!)  have been an aching reminder of how thorough of a workout Body Pump is! I am so glad I went! Speaking of aching, my knees have been doing relatively well. I have tiny bit of pain here and there, but it seems that a little work on the foam roller smooths out all the kinks. Yes, I have finally started using a foam roller and it does miracles folks! I am a believer!

My evening Zumba class has been so great lately! My attendance has come close to thirty a few times here lately and after almost every class I get positive comments. I so enjoy my ladies, and just here recently one gentleman. After one class I had a woman come up to me and to thank me and tell me how much she enjoyed my class. We chatted for a couple minutes and I found out that she was also a Zumba instructor and subbed around the area. I take her comment as a massive compliment coming from another instructor! After my last class I had another woman come up to me after class to talk and she informed me that she had attended other instructors' classes around the area but they just weren't the same, that I was the best! Can you imagine? Me!?!?? When I first started Zumba I would never have foreseen where I am today. Hell, I never would have foreseen where I am today when I first started teaching Zumba just since February! I never in a million years would have thought that I would be someone's favorite instructor! I feel incredibly honored to be in such a position and I only hope that I am helping people find a way to enjoy exercise.

My eating has been so-so, I think I've probably been following the 80-20 rule (80% good, 20% splurge), hence my ability to maintain. But I want to lose just a bit more so I need to re-evaluate my dedication. I know it's impossible to exercise as much as I do, however, while greatly restricting my caloric intake without burning myself out (or seeing my performance suffer), so it's been tough trying to get my eating straight. I have been loving the hell out of my fruits, veggies and grilled meats:
Favorite summer meal - grilled chicken and veggies.
Fresh fruit
My friend, Angie, inspired me to keep a container of fresh sliced fruit in the fridge for convenience.  Apples, cherries, oranges and watermelon are missing from this picture, but are ready at hand, too. I discovered years ago that I was allergic to pineapple when my face swelled up like an oompa loompa's after eating half a pineapple in one sitting. I SO love fresh pineapple though, so I decided to give it another go. Unfortunately I am still allergic and find myself with swollen, tender lips after nearly every time I consume it, yet I can't seem to keep myself away. So long as it is not too noticeable I think I can manage a few slices here and there.

This is really about all I have to say right now. Besides getting the boy ready to get back in school there is not much new going on. Oh yes, have I mentioned that I have a super sexy beast of a car that I like to zip around in now? :-P


  1. Congratulations on the new car! It's nice to have a reliable vehicle, right?!?

    1. Yes, ma'am! It sure is! I still find myself paranoid that something is going to go wrong with it! Lol!

  2. There has been a guy in every Zumba class I've ever gone to! And they range from all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc! I love it!

    Congrats on the new car! I know the feeling of unreliable automobiles and it is not fun!

  3. Love the new car!

    I'm spending my whole weekend cleaning the house as well. I hate coming home to a mess. It gets me in a downer mode and I tend not to do my home exercises. :/