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SP 7th Blog - May 20, 2010

So I had every intention of posting part 2 of my Ragnar Relay Series, but to be honest, it's not quite ready for posting. I have just now had the chance to sit down at my computer (I got home from the gym about an hour ago and still had to eat and do a couple chores, YUCK!) and am so utterly exhausted that I think I will wait until tomorrow to finish that post. It was such a special event to me that I want to make sure I do not forget any of the important details. So instead of just leaving you all hanging, I thought I would at least post something; and it's been quite some time since I've posted a Sparkpeople blog.

This one is a bit interesting because I remember that exact day... and I remember the hunger gnawing at me (in fact I experienced quite the similar feelings today!) and feeling as though I could just eat and eat and eat! I hate that feeling because of my all time fear of getting fat again. Thinking back, however, I never felt exactly like that when I was fat. It's kinda nice knowing that I've completely rejuvenated my metabolism.

So what stands out to me about this post is not so much what I wrote... but the comments that fellow Sparkers posted on it, so I shall include those on this blog, as well. This was about 3 months into my weight loss journey and I was approximately 35 pounds down. In fact, here's a picture of me from around that time to visualize:
37 pounds down, enjoying margaritas on the balcony of Chelinos.
 find it so difficult to even remember being that big, I feel like that is someone else in the picture.  Okay, now on to the blog!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm SO hungry... I've been snacking all day, too, I don't know what's wrong with me, but every time I eat something new it's like it doesn't affect my hunger or I'll be satisfied and then an hour later I'm hungry again. What the hell??? I've had almost 6 cups of water already.. I keep drinking and drinking... Arghhh I wish my stomach would just SHUT UP!

JUSTLEALAH5/20/2010 9:06PM Thank you everyone!!! Let's see... I had a banana, a 90 calorie granola bar, a turkey equivalent of a slim jim (only 35 calories!), some crackers, and a yoplait light yogurt with blueberries in it. I ate the yogurt after my blog post, that set me for another 30 minutes, by the time I got from my office to the gym I was hungry AGAIN. So then I worked out and went home and ate a whole can of tuna on top of some rice with spinach a fat free cheese with a lil fat free mushroom soup. That finally set me. I didn't go over my calories, I just felt so insatiable, finally I'm full now and feel good, but honestly I felt like a pig all day! I'm guessing I should have had more protein earlier in the day, I'm just glad I made it without binging or going over my calories... in fact, I have 90 to spare and I don't even want them. emoticon 
What is it exactly you're snacking on? If there is no protein in the food you are eating you will NOT stay satisfied.

What you are eating might be at least part of the problem. Boredom also brings about false hunger.

Keep your chin up! emoticon

I find that something high fiber (like a Fiber One bar) coupled with lots of water works well most (I said most) of the time. I wish it always worked....

Every once in a while I have those kind of days, and I hate it too! Mental can have some to do with it, as well as around the time of your monthly friend. Fiber bars are great. I buy the Kellogg's ones and they are really tasty and you get a bit of chocolate...which is HUGE for me :)
Good luck getting through it!

Good luck! Just keep eating the RIGHT kinds of snacks, like fruits and veggies. That might help you out a little, and help you feel fuller. And it might be that you "feel" hungry, because you're THINKING about it; I know for me, 99% of the battle is mental. 

I really just wanted to share the support of Sparkers on Sparkpeople. The comments start at the bottom and work their way up, I deleted their names and such, because I have no idea how they would feel about me sharing this on my blog... I would assume they would be okay with it since my page is public, but no sense offending anyone when it's easily avoided. Life was so different almost three years ago (wow, has it really been so long!?!), yet so many things are still the same. This weight loss journey is more than being about weight loss, it is about all the obstacles that come with it and how I worked to overcome them and  how much effort I still put into staying on top of them now (like that irksome bottomless pit feeling!).

Until tomorrow folks!

Lealah (Layla for pronunciation purposes ;) )

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  1. I know that feeling. Sometimes it's because I really want cookies or ice cream and I avoid it, only to eat plenty of other things instead. Had I eaten the cookies, I might have avoided the grazing, maybe.