Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Summary in Pictures...

I started to write a post about my vacation in Key West, but then I thought that another long, detailed post may get kinda tedious, so I decided to try and summarize the first couple of days with very little words and lots of pictures. A change in pace is always nice!

Our first morning in Key West, we met up with the rest of the group for brunch at the Six Toed Cat, named for Ernest Hemingway's cat. 
Immediately following breakfast, both Jens, Carly and Ada left Key West, this part was a little sad. :( We all split off for a bit after this. Mark and I headed back to our hotel and set about seeing if we could check out early without getting charged and finding a new hotel. I was completely unsatisfied with our hotel and it was way too far from everything. Luckily we got settled into a really cute and cozy hotel called the Key Lime Inn. It was not fancy, but it was set up cottage style, clean, everything was nice and well taken care of, and the continental breakfast was accommodating  The best part was that it was within walking distance of anything we wanted to do in Key West, we did not use the rental car again until our last day! I then changed into a sundress because Key West is just too dang hot for jeans! Then we set out to meet with the rest of the group. We decided to meet up at the Ragnar Award Ceremony. 
Of course, as celebrities we had to get some more pictures taken! :P This is with the team that won, you can't really tell here, but they were all dressed as super heroes.
There were feral chickens ALL over the place!
And feral roosters.
It seemed like the lives of feral chickens and roosters in Key West consists primarily of the chickens hiding from the roosters.

After that we strolled up and down Duval Street, seeing the sights. I just HAD to buy a mango margarita from one of the street vendors. Key West was SO awesome, all the restaurants, shops and bars open up to the street so you just kinda wander in and out as you please.
We met up with the rest of the group for dinner at the Southernmost on the beach restaurant. 
When we were leaving the restaurant, another Ragnar group recognized us as the From Fat to Finish Line team and came running up to talk to us and ask to get their picture taken with us. That was pretty cool!

The food was horrible in Key West... That's why I devoured just about everything I ordered. My drink? Why a mango margarita of course! (Mango drinks are hard to come by in Oklahoma dammit!)

Before dinner, Allison, Jason, Mark and I all went out to the dock and took a couple pictures. 
After dinner, we all wandered back down Duval street and had a couple drinks at a couple different bars. I, of course, indulged in plenty fold of drinking. I later found out that my stomach was not completely back from the escapades of the past couple of days and the seafood/alcohol combination was not too friendly to my poor tummy, but meh, I had a wonderful time!
We ended the night at this cute little wine bar. Jerry, as you see is being goofy, and Mark is probably talking tech talk, you can just barely see Jason on the left and Andy got cut out (sorry Andrea and Andy!) I had a beer... I think. Whoops! This was the only night that I really felt out and out tipsy. We were all winding down at this point, a day in Key West is like five everywhere else, so we were beat! 
We all dispersed and Mark and I walked back to the hotel. The fresh air was wonderful (both for the belly and my tipsiness). When we got back to our inn, we met another couple, of which the woman had done the Ragnar, too. We got to talking and she asked about my team, when I told her, she got excited and exclaimed over how I was on that team and how cool it was to meet me. Wow! If my head wasn't big yet, she certainly helped blow it up then! We then got to talking about our problems and how the heat sucked, etc., when she informed me (from what source I'm not sure, so I don't know how accurate this is) that many of the teams had been hit by the stomach bug. I had to wonder if that wasn't part of my issue! We then said our good nights and Mark and I retired to our room. I was out within minutes of hitting my pillow.

The next morning we opted out of breakfast with the rest of the group to a.) save money, b.) sleep in, and c.) save calories, for tropical beverages of course! We hit up the continental breakfast, got ready and hit the streets again. I dressed in the sun dress I had worn the day before, because I did not have the proper wardrobe for Key West, and our first stop was a little shop that had cute sundresses for a minimal price. I went in, tried on a dress, clipped the tag and walked out. (Oh, I guess I paid for it sometime during the process :P). Much better!

The rest of the group was getting ready for a trolley tour, so that's where we headed next! We saw all sorts of neat stuff.

The first Cuban consulate. 

Supposed to be amazing! We never did stop in, though.
They had statues like this all around Key West, they were really neat and I thought realistic looking!
The houses in Key West were made of ship wrecked boats. I loved the architecture. The dolphin trim seen here is called gingerbreading, many of the homes had this with various designs. 
We stopped at Garbo's Grill for a snack later on. Some cool peeps here. The man saw Mark's Social Distortion shirt and immediately started playing Social D on his radio. Tell me that isn't impeccable customer service!
The owner's badass van. A woman eating a taco while riding a burrito.

I ordered the most amazing fish taco!
Later on, half the group had drinks on Sunset Pier while the other half went on a sunset cruise.

Rik is missing from this picture because he's the one taking it.
After drinks we set out to find ourselves some dinner, the other half of the group wanted to get sushi and take it back to one of the rooms, but we were not really in the mood for sushi. I especially was excited to try another local good eats hot spot, so we opted to meet up after dinner. However, looking at this post, it seems like it is plenty long enough for now, so I shall save the rest of the vacation recap for the next post!


  1. Marks shirt cracks me up! I had to piece it together from a couple of pics, but when I got it, I laughed out loud!

  2. LOL, Yes, I love it! I got it for him for Christmas this year! :P

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