Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Key West - The Conclusion

I know it's been forever, the past couple of weeks have been incredibly stressful and busy, but I have a feeling that at least the stressful part will cease soon. Maybe I'll get better at consistency soon! 
So I left off with having drinks on Sunset Pier our second day in Key West. We headed out in search of dinner. You can read about the first half of our vacation here. And if you want to read about the Ragnar Relay, the first post for that is here.
We checked out Kelly McGinnis' restaurant, but nothing on the menu struck our fancy.

After meandering around for awhile, we settled on Fogarty's, the food was great!

We decided to meander towards the hotel where Katie, Jerry, Andrea and Andy were after dinner. We ran into a fellow with some very well trained birds.

I was a little nervous with birds in my possession, more so after the big white one started nibbling
at my cleavage when the man asked him "who's a dirty bird".
But after that I figured he already got to second base, why not give him a lil pucker. :P

We continued on for a bit when Mark and I decided there was one place we just had to make sure and visit before leaving Key West. So we told the group we would meet them at the hotel after a quick detour.

You know we had to!

You can't see the picture behind us, but that was a picture of Jimmy Buffet in the background.
 After we had our obligatory margarita, Mark and I headed to meet everyone at Katie and Jerry's hotel room. We enjoyed conversation, laughs and beer with the group for awhile before we decided to retire for the night. Mark, Rik, Cynthia and I had signed up for para-sailing the next morning and I was beat! Here it was time to say most of our good byes, everyone except for the four of us were leaving early the next morning so we wouldn't have a chance in the morning. I made it a really quick good bye because I'm just no darned good at saying good byes without tearing up so we quickly said farewell and headed back to our room to hit the sack.

First thing in the morning we headed to the docks to get ready for our adventure.

Getting ready!

I really enjoyed para sailing!!

After our fun-filled adventure, we had brunch at a nice open air restaurant (I can't remember the name!)We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around, picking up souvenirs, taking pictures and savoring our last day in Key West.
Cynthia and I took a couple of cutesy pics as we moseyed around Key West.
We decided to check out a bar that Linda had recommended going to see called Captain Tony's, the walls were decorated with business cards and the ceiling hung with other decorations:
Mark had to leave his business card mark.

Interesting choice of interior design.


We decided to end the afternoon on the beach.

That was the most delicious drink I had in Key West! Strawberry daiquiri, mango daiquiri and pina colada! Yum!

A one legged sea gull!

It was quite lovely.

Our last sunset in Key West on the beach!

Love this pic!

Our last sunset in Key West!

Mark found a pretty flower.
We decided to end our night at a little pizza shop on Duval Street, this is our
"We are sad because our adventure together is coming to a close" faces.

After seeing Linda and Katie's massive cookies, I just had to get one! I had to get a pic before we shared  half of it after our pizza dinner. The rest I packed to take home to the kiddo in Oklahoma.

The notorious (?) traveling night club! A man on a cart with his boombox blaring.

After dinner, we all walked to where Mark and I had left our rental car and said our goodbyes. The rounds of goodbyes had been sad throughout the trip as different couples left at different times, but this was our last goodbye and therefore particularly more difficult. I even started to tear up some this time around. We made it quick though, no point in dragging out the inevitable and Mark and I started our drive to Fort Lauderdale. The drive back was so odd, seeing it backwards was cool after our relay down, I kept recognizing little landmarks and telling Mark "Oh this is where ____". We got to our hotel in Fort Lauderdale late night, probably close to midnight and checked in and cleaned up and got ready for our flight the next morning. Our flight was leaving at 6:00 so we needed to leave the room by 4:30 and did not want to have to rush around and get ready. We had everything prepared so that when we got up all we would have to do is put on our shoes and head out the door.

I was a bit sad to be leaving Florida, it had been an all around wonderful experience, but at the same time I was kind of ready to be home and get back to my routine. I was running on pure adrenaline all the way until we landed in Dallas. Even on only a few hours of sleep I was so wired I could not sleep on the flight. It turned out okay because Mark did sleep on the flight and drove home so I could sleep on the drive. That worked out quite nicely for me! When I got home I quickly got started on laundry and such tedious tasks that brought me back to reality... Vacation was over. :(


  1. I'm still kicking myself we didn't stay one more day to at least parasail. It's what I was supposed to do there since I passed up the opportunity on our honeymoon in HI and on a trip to FL in '09, all because of my weight. I'm glad you had such a great time!! (Charlie's business card is there now, too!)

    1. Oh, I wish y'all had stayed it would have been so much fun!

  2. What a lovely trip!! The bird story though--- now that's something else.. could only happen to you?! haha I laughed so hard, I can almost audibly hear you telling it. Evelyn

    1. Hahaha, Evelyn maybe so :P I've been in that situation quite frequently as you well know! :P