Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Goals, New Missions - Keep on Keeping on!

Ah, how fast time flies. You know how when you were a kid and you complained because Christmas took so long to come around? Or that you couldn't wait until your birthday came again? And so on and so forth. Every time someone would always reassure you to enjoy it while you could, because soon it would pass by all too quickly. I believe it's safe to say that I'm there, and that I'm terrified to see how much worse it gets the older I get. The amount of time I have available keeps shrinking and the things I have to do keep rising! It's a wonderful problem to have however; I'd much rather be able to say I have a full life than an empty one. So here's what's been going on.

First, the usual: My eating and exercise have been pretty well here lately. My weight has not changed, however my clothes are fitting better, so I'm happy. I've been running, doing Body Pump and the occasional elliptical session. I'm logging between 15 and 30 miles a week, depending on the week, and trying to get two Body Pump classes in a week. I've been playing around with my schedule, trying different times and classes to see if mornings or nights are better for what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm really not certain what my conclusion is on that yet. I've been eating much less sugary, refined and processed foods lately and have felt better for the choices I've been making. Over the winter I've enjoyed plenty of icy, snowy runs and have loved every minute of it. I have not done any races lately, but I am planning on doing the Memorial Half Marathon coming up in a couple of months!
Something about cold, treacherous runs gets my blood flowing!
For Christmas, my dad got my sister and I a Fitbit Flex. I love this thing, I've got to say. I know there is a recall on the Force, but I wouldn't have liked that one as much anyway, it's a little bulkier than I prefer. My goal is 10,000 steps a day, which I usually beat by thousands if I've gotten a run in, but is surprisingly more difficult to reach on a rest day. It has helped keep me moving knowing that I've only walked x amount of steps for the day.  

School has been going swimmingly, the first semester gave me the confidence I needed to keep trucking forward and this semester I decided to go ahead and take three courses. Last week was killer in that I had two exams, two quizzes, three new chapters, two papers, and three homework assignments. On top of all that, I am in the middle of a pretty intensive training at work, the first part of which I take online and the second of which I will go to a week long course and do training in person. It's safe to say that my brain has been a little mushy when I stop studying long enough to think about something! ;) 

I've also partnered up with a friend to work on a project he started over a year ago - Rev Hifi. The goal of Rev Hifi is to help unite the Oklahoma City area to develop our local culture and help promote thriving artists. There are numerous bands, filmmakers, photographers, and all around artists that are not recognized in OKC and we hope to help promote them through a Youtube channel that my friend has started. Since I've been on, I have had the pleasure of meeting some really cool people and we've already shot a music video, interviewed an awesome band and interviewed an insanely talented poet! It's crazy the kind of talent we're surrounded by that many are not aware of. Check out our promo video below:

This project, along with school and other forms of bettering myself, has become a large piece of the mission I've tasked myself with. Not only do I want to better myself, I want to help better society and people. I want to help people lose weight and become healthy, yes, but that's such a small step in what people are capable of doing. I want to make a difference, somehow, somewhere.

This brings to me where my mindset has been lately. Throughout every new experience, I strive to take something new away from it, if only a tidbit to become more self-aware. I've been introspective lately, struggling to figure out who I am and who I'd like to be. I find myself striving to be perfect, rather than accept myself for me. Rather than try to be "perfect", I need to work on aspects such as the way I think, being less judgmental, how I interact with people and being more optimistic. The problem with being introspective is that it can also trap you into being too caught up in yourself, it's a fine line. It's a tough task, to own up to one's flaws and to try to change them. Sometimes it's easier to play ignorance and just continue on in your own fashion as if you do not realize that you could be better. I did it for years. Now that I'm realizing how much better things could be, it's hard to take things as they are. But now I'm going into subjects way above and beyond our scope of topic at the moment! ;) It's suffice to say that I'm thinking about things way beyond my life, my house, my office, my school - all these little pieces are meaningless in the scheme of things, until you bring in everyone else and how we all make up a neighborhood, community, city, county, state and country... The broad scope of things make my everyday triumphs and struggles seem so trivial, I just wish I could see these things in advance, instead of retrospectively. Luckily, humans are adaptable and capable of improvement, we will see if that theory is applicable in my case. 

Anyway, that is what has been going on with me lately, nothing too terribly new. To end, I have a humorous conversation to share, I find it's something that both females and males should get a kick out of, although here is your TMI disclaimer!

Me: It's icky, it hurts. I hate being happy one minute and I hate being sad the next. I hate being crazy. I hate being a girl. It's not fair. I hate it!
<Insert my most pathetic of patheticist pouts here.>
Mark: I'm sorry... Why don't you take that Midol stuff or something?

This had me rolling for a good five minutes, because God bless him, gotta feel for dudes when they're around hormonal women! Maybe I can be psychotic, but thank goodness I'm not one of the ladies that throws a fit about being told to take Midol! And on that note, forgive me for I find all sorts of stupid things funny, TTFN!


  1. LOL Lealah! Charlie knows it's my time because I get "clingy." I'm not a bitch (any more than usual) and I don't cry at the top of the hat (any more than usual), but I do want to be close to him. It's not a bad thing. At 42, after having it for 32 years and being finished on the childbirth front, I'M DONE!!!

    Congratulations on everything fantastic going on with your life right now! I've being doing a little volunteer work here and there and it's definitely nice to think about somebody other than myself!!

    1. Hahaha! I just knew someone else would get my humor, Linda! Thank you, I totally agree, volunteer work has a way of getting you out of your head whilst doing something for others!