Fitness Accomplishments

Zumba and my first Zumbathon! 
This was in October of 2010.  I was so terrified of even trying Zumba, you never could have told me that I would participate in a Zumbathon!

My first 5k!  Midnight Streak 2011

The night of the Midnight Streak 2010, I met the mayor and Jared Fogle when I won 3rd place in the metro-wide Subway Weight Loss Challenge for body fat percentage loss.  I had intended to run my first 5k that night, but changed my mind because I didn't feel ready.  Here are some pics from one year later at the same event, I did not enter the weight loss challenge for 2011.

My 2nd 5k - Kelsey Briggs Run Against Child Abuse & new PR
 Made a new PR in 30:45 

The Warrior Dash
This was my favorite race so far, it was SO much fun!  I give partial credit to the hours I've spent in Body Pump and my amazing instructors for being able to get through the obstacles!

We are warriors, hear us roar!

Turkey Trot 2011
My dear SIL and I, Thanksgiving morning!  (I'm really not in all that much pain.  :-P)
Jack Beacon Rector 25k (Straight from 5k to Half Marathon +!!!)
I only look so fat because my pockets are stuffed full!

More about this race can be found here.